Kvatch Konsiders - If Dear Leader Tests A Nuke...

...does it really explode?

I mean...what have we got here? A press release from the People's Propaganda Bureau; a report of a small seismic event picked up in South Korea; blustery condemnations from every world leader who can open his/her pie-hole.

I believe that Kim Jong Il is sitting in his palace thinking, "They love me! They really love me!" Bush is thinking, "Finally! Something to take Mark Foley out of the headlines." And the US Geologic Survey is thinking, "Bomb? What bomb?"

This just in...



I wrote about this just now. You can't get a better public source than Jane's.
The bomb is that ABB built the nuclear reactors. Donald Rumsfeld served on the Executive Board of Directors of ABB 2000-2001.
Hey Kvatch,

Am I nuts, or is Kim Jong Il about the size of a Munchkin? Well, elevator shoes notwithstanding, I think a conversation like this might just ensue:

Kim - Hey Georgie, look! It's bigger then yours.

Bush - No it isn't! I have a really BIG Dick!

Mike from:
String Cheese Theory
You remember those candies they had when you were a kid. They looked like regular candies, but inside there was this sour fizzy stuff.

I think it was like that.
Fred...read your post, and I agree that there's a lot to be questioned here. Perhaps the event was merely the Dear Leader's discovery of Zotz, as the Praguetwin suggests.

Mike, indeed--a Munchkin with abnormally large hair.

Diva, I didn't know about the ABB facts. Just goes to show you get 'em going with the nukular technology, then get 'em again when you force them to pull the plug and take your conventional power technologies.
I just have one question: Do you reckon there is a "power-fist" hair pik hidden in Kim's Korean afro?
"We represent the lollypop guild, the lollypop guild, the lollypop guild. And in the name of the lollypop GUILD!!!! We wish to welcome you to the bowels of hell!!!" BOOM!!!!!!!!!
Lil Kim is just f'ing crazy enough to launch a nuke into Kansas and ...oh wait...that is that new show Jericho...

Wait, where is the oh so gay rainbow threat chart? Shouldn't it be at glowing neon "shit your pants" right now??
I gotta go....so much duct tape and plastic tarping....so little time...
Tina, I wouldn't discount the Dear Leader stashing a corned-beef on rye in that do.

Shelly...welcome. Don't think he can reach Kansas yet, but soon... I heard that he can reach Sodom by the Sea (my home), though I'm sure that Bush won't cry any tears if the Dear Leader wipes the Castro off the face of the earth.
for some reason..i thought it was a hoax...too much else going on

like where are our war ships??? anywhere close to iran yet?
Just an underground fart.
AZG, well the George HW was just commissioned. Maybe it's on the way.

Peacechick, probably outgassing from Kim's hair.
Sigh. I really gotta quit reading you so much. It's rubbing off I was wondering the same thing last night. It's like "the national debt is blah trillion...." How in hell does the average joe ever prove that for himself? One way is to look at your tax bill, but other than that.....

If only somebody'd taught GHWB to masturbate.....(:
This just in:

Spy photos of another North Korean nuclear device reveal warning label-- "Light fuse and get away."
TFWY, since I'm incapable of any really deep examination of the issues, I stick to the wacky--but not to wacky to be plausible--stuff.

Mr_Blog, no sh*t! I heard that their missiles use such a volatile fuel that they basically have one shot at getting them off the ground.
Future, I saw a great t-shirt that had a picture of Bush Sr. looking serious, and the caption was "I should have pulled out"... I had a public laughing fit when I saw that one, and my family got pretty embarrassed. But it was a GOOD kind of laughter!

Wow, you have quite a memory, froggy.
Good old Bush diplomacy...no diplomacy. They might as well recall all the ambassadors. How can you hope to over-come your differences with your enemies if you don't talk to them?!!

These people are breath-takingly clueless and I'm tried of them dragging the country down the toilet.

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