Fox News - A Lying Bu$hCo Tool

HT to Pam and Chuck for catching this and to The Brad Blog for the vid capture.


Dirty, dirty...
If I were an O'Reilly-watcher, I'd probably be insulted that they would think I was too stupid to know what was going on, but then again, if I were an O'Reilly-watcher, I probably would be too stupid (and ill-informed) to know what was going on.
The AP did the same in an article. Talking Points had it earlier.
Just give credit where credit is due, I was tipped off in a comment on my blog by Robert from Left of Centrist .

Still freakin' UNbelievable.
I found it by way of AGITPROP. Blogenfreude has a great blame game look.

For an in depth look at EVERYTHING and breaking updates- such as Reynolds/Hastert has known for THREE YEARS and something about a drunken Foley at the Congressional page dorms, check out Born At The Crest Of The Empire. Mike has the latest on all of this. I can't keep up.
Oh, I'm sure it was a simple typo. (Crikey.)
Chuck, SA, Pam...I was definitely behind the curve here. But thanks to all for keeping me up to date.

Betty, oh...I'm sure! ;-)

Mary, so true, but just wait I'm betting on a scandal a day or two from now where it comes out that Bu$hCo paid Faux News to do this little send-up.
Olbermann was all over this earlier. Very tongue-in-cheekylike reporting.
Maybe Foley changed his registration after this came out
I saw that! Unbelieveable. What are they going to do when they can't cozy up to officials anymore, ie when the neocons are run out of DC? I can't wait to find out!

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