Denny, Denny, Fat and Phlegmy

Denny, Denny, fat and phlegmy
How can your House lead grow?
"Through ballot fraud, that Coulter broad,
Our contributions will not slow."

Denny Hastert, oh wise master,
Will we defeat the Dems?
"We can swift-boat and cut their throats,
And label Mark Foley a femme!"

But Denny how, will you fight now
That l'bruls have your balls?

"I'll tell the lies, with plaintive cries,
And squirm all through the fall."

Thanks to Shelly @ The Left Is Right for the inspiration.

Updated 2006/10/12, 12:49 pm EDT

The Station Agent and Snave respond with verse!


oh what fun!! excellent rhyme and it cuts right to the heart of it.
Kim Jung Il tested a nuke
Woodward published a stiff rebuke
What Mark Foley Did makes me want to puke
But we're supposed to believe it's all a fluke

October surprises for the GOP abound
Cover-ups making their losses compound
Blaming Democrats may seem sound
...in theory but it won't help them rebound

Blaming Democrats may seem sound
...in theory but it won't help them rebound
LOL! Great stuff, Kvatch!
Very nice.
Kvatch, you are a poetic frog indeed.
Thanks everyone. Hadn't done a rhyme in a while, adn it just seemed like the time was right.
But he has the full confidence of the W! That's sayin' somethin', no?
How about a bad limerick and some worse haiku!! Yeah!!

There once was an ugly old Hastert
A greedy untrustworthy bastert
He lied with the best
And shit on the rest
That greedy untrustworthy bastert!

Hastert is an ass
Says he doesn't know a thing
True, he knows nothing

Foley likes young guys
Watch the GOP scramble
Say it's a gay thing

When you vote next month
Don't think about Foley, no
Just think about fear

Anything Clinton did
Bush thinks he can do better...
What a stupid shit!

Kim Jong Il is nuts
Likes John Wayne films and porno...
Did Wayne do porno?

Drinks fucking cognac
Eats all kinds of fancy shit
While his people starve

He plays with himself
Launch his missile up his butt
Feels quite good in there

Where McCain speaks next?
Bob Jones University?
Maybe an outhouse
Oh another poet in our midsts. Well done!
very very nice!!!

i love the fact that us liberals have his balls...nice visualization!!! grin
I like it a whole lot. Plus, it's fun to read.

Thanks for linking my post below. I've had you linked too my site since I first read your site.

I don't have the time right now to make regular posts, but when I do I try too make them worthwhile. Keep up the good work.

God Bless.
You guys ought to start a blog of just those cute little ditties...I think it would be wildly popular...who knows...you might get a book deal. They really are quite good you know. Stanger things have happened.
Alrighty then!
Got some interesting prose that popped into my brain last eve - posted at my usual location. Pop over if ya like. No one's stoppin' you from clickin'
Great rhyming you Bloggy Froggy. Nice to read something that makes me smile.

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