Democrats - The First 100 Minutes

So we've got Nancy Pelosi's plan for the first 100 hours of a Democratic House, and it's full of laudable stuff that is the very meat of leftist policy-making. But here's the thing: If Democrats really want to send a message that they're going to take this country in a new direction there is one thing that they can do--that they absolutely should do--in the first 100 minutes -

Revoke the blanket September 14th, 2001 Joint Resolution Authorizing the Use of Force against terrorists and terrorist supporters.

This ill-considered, incautious, inadvisable, misused piece of legislation has been cited by Bu$hCo for every Constitution busting measure that's followed, from the Patriot Act to Military Commissions. The President has used it to justify treaty abrogation, circumventing FISA, warrantless surveillance, and indefinite detention.

It's time for this resolution to go, and Democrats can use its repleal to cut the f*cking foundation out from under the administration! It may not get by the Senate, but at least it would state in no uncertain terms that one branch of Congress will not stand for further Bu$hCo tyranny.


Oh, well said, Froggie! Well said. That is the key to everything.

IF the Democrats take back the House, and Senate, and they don't revoke this "terrorist" act, then they are handing Bush carte blanche for the next two years and we are so screwed.
First thing they should do is declare the elections in 2000 and 2004 illegal. After that done, everything else will be a lot easier.
Good idea. And after that they can tackle those pesky signing statements.
Diva, thanks. I'd also like them to do away with the 2002 War Powers Resolution, but...one thing at a time.

PoP, that would be sweeping wouldn't it, but I don't think that Congress has that in their power. 'Course that doesn't stop Bush, does it? ;-)

Xsociate... Whoa! All 750? They'd be at that till the 2008 elections.
like's been said - we need to watch this election closely

and if there's any sign of funny biz..we need to take to the streets...and really take back our country!!
I'm with you azgoddess!

What worries me Kvatch is this:

If this all plays out to the favor of the Democrats; AND America, what's to stop the administration from just "taking control?"

I guess what I mean is these are such BAD people, what's to prevent them from using the MCA to invoke martial law? All in the interest of national security.

After all, even with a sweeping takeover of the House and Senate, it would take just a little bit of time to propose the repeal of the MCA.

Isn't it conceivable that within that window, the Administration deem there was a national threat to security and just have the military step in?

Far fetched, but I just wouldn't put it past them (BushCo) to do something like this?

Mike @
String Cheese Theory
We are like starving children waiting and when we get a chance, we want to eat until we no longer remember being hungry. I don't trust Bush and any of his cronies one bit. I agree, if they do some wicked thing to stop the coming change, we will have to up the protests. The other side of the coin is that perhaps they want the Dems to take control so they can blame the mess on them.
It's going to be a long hard slog...
Can I qoute that froggy? On GP? With attribution of course!
martial law, she is a coming. Especially if we take to the streets.

I fear, just from blogging, that I could be taken from my family and placed in one of those "concentration camps" Halliburton is building. I told my husband to look for me there first, if I disappear.
I agree with AZG and Peacechick on the taking to the streets if case the election is tampered with or stolen, but Fred is right. This will be a long hard slog, since most protesting (at least in large groups, 1000's and above) is now dealt with as if it was illegal.

But to address Mike's concern. I don't think that Bush would go that far. For one, the combined military and National Guard would have a hard time dealing with 300,000,000 Americans, many of whom are well armed...and pissed. Second, that's a legacy that I don't think even Bush, in his incredible isolation and delusion, wants.
Cartledge...be my guest! Always glad to be taken seriously, though...uh...which part were you going to quote? ;-)

Pam, I think that you're OK. Imprisoning mom's looks bad! ;-) Me, on the other hand, a childless, leftist, kook, with profound anti-government leanings...
I'm with Pam on being afraid of the "Mommy renditions to destinations unknown". I'm terrified of having my 4 yr old and soon-to-be baby taken away from me.
But we Dems HAVE to do something. In Ohio right now we are fighting our battle with that nutjob prick Sec of State Blackwell, as he tries to toss our Dem candiate for Gov and Blackwell's ahead in the polls by nearly 30 pts opponent Ted Strickland. From what the Ohio political blogs are saying, teams of lawyers (who are terrified of BushCo and Blackwell) are lining up to represent Strickland if it happens.
And oh yeah!... I was absolutely deadly serious about Dubya buying nearly 100K acres of land in Paraguay. It was in the news this past weekend. I honestly think that criminal asshat is doing it so he can escape from the law like the Nazis did after WWII across South America.
.uh...which part were you going to quote?
The serious part of course! :)
Mike brings up some valid concerns, but I tend to think Kvatch is right and even Bush wouldn't go that far. However, if he should do the unthinkable, I'm not sure our military will blindly follow. The military takes seriously their role of protecting our "democracy" from any and all threats - even the president (I hope).
Revoking those Acts would go a long way to reinstating that quaint document, the Constitution (and its Amendments).
Tina, I'm enormously encouraged that Blackwell seems to be digging his own political grave. The public no longer appears to be listening when he "swift boats" Ted Strickland.

Kathy, hope you're right. No--strike that--I think you probably are right. Some of our more decent (in the moral sense) have been military men.

Granny, indeed. Revoking the Military Commissions Act would got further, but like I said to Diva...one step at a time. You can only get so much done in the first 100 minutes.
Kathy brought up the exact point that I was going to make on this one; the military has had enough. We have seen this emerging and generals speaking out, and even retiring so that they can do more.

Add to that, the millions of us who would take up our "right to bear arms to defend our nation", and . . .

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