Always Go For the 'Win-Win'

Headline at The Raw Story -

President Bush says Dem approach in Iraq is 'terrorists win and America loses'

Guess that means that Bush would prefer that we go for the 'Win-Win'. After all America loves winners, and with another rubber-stamp Republican congress...well let's see...

- Republicans win
- Big Oil wins
- The military industrial complex wins
- Halliburton wins
- And most importantly...the terrorists win!

In fact, the only loser I see is America. I make that 5 to 1. OK...good enough for me! ;-)


Who really believes that Democrats and liberals want to surrender to the terrorists? The claim makes for good commercials, but anyone who believes it is am idiot. Unfortunately, there are a lot of them in America.
If the terrorists win, does that mean I have to dress in one of those chowder thingies that women have to wear? How will I dance?
Me4Prez...nobody that I know buys that crap, but about 50% of America does.

Lola my sweet, Republicans throw better balls, and I have no doubt that you'll be invited! So, go GOP!
Who has time to even bother worrying about the terrorists? I'm too busy stepping over the indigent lying in the streets and hurrying up to get my porn fix.... sheesh...
fer chrissakes, this guy can't even WINK without looking like a lecherous mental-case early-released from the asylum when the funds were pulled by halliburton. All he needs is one of those "WIN" buttons like gary trudeau always drew on gerald ford. ~~ D.K.
My cousin believes that the Democrats would not fight terrorism. Something about not supporting the military or loving America. Somehow the fact that I am a liberal and was in the Army and he is a conservative that was not still confuses him as to who is and is not pro-military
Tina, how about giving some porn to the homeless? Well...ok...and something to watch it on. Saves a step.

D.K., don't you think he looks constipated? I mean...I would, if the Dems were about to whip my ass.

Me4Prez...personally I'm not sure that one can love "America". America is too nebulous. It's whatever one happens to think it is. I love the Constitution, and the America that I envision as derived directly from the founding document. Somehow seems less nebulous. Of course your cousin is confused, he doesn't know what he loves.
Well now I know why Al Gonzales was so keen on declaring war on porn. Obviously it's interfering with people listening to the propaganda. And of course we can't feed the homeless. If you make it too easy, everybody will want to be homeless too and then who will fund the wars?
The Republicans will resort to any measure in order to stay in power regardless of the cost. It's shameful & most of us are just f*^king sick of it. This is just another pathetic attempt to cover their sorry asses!
America loses?

I'm...I'm sorry...is that even possible?
No, it's not, Rex. Amerika on the other hand...
Fred...I think that you meant to say, "Amar'ca"!

Gracie, welcome to Blognonymous. As for the Rethuglicans, well...we're certainly know in a week one way or the other.
I think he also alluded to..."If the Dems win...America loses"...I had some very choice curses for him for that little missive.
There's a lot of evidence that the Reschmucklicans are just barely hanging on.

With a week to go, I recommend that the pressure be kept on. I'm wondering if somebody out there actually has the "dagger" to put the elections just outside the collective "margins of error."

The other thought I had was this:
When the feces hits the Westinghouse next week will BushCo "CUT & RUN" to a continent far far away?
I understand Paraguay is nice this time of year.

I'm just sayin'

Mike/String Cheese Theory
I understand Paraguay is nice this time of year.

Mike, I heard that as well. :-) :-) :-)

Sumo, me too. Seems that Bu$hCo is going to keep on this theme right through the election. So do you think that he'll become contrite after the GOP gets its ass handed to it?
this guy can't even WINK without looking like a lecherous mental-case early-released from the asylum when the funds were pulled by halliburton.

"It can't happen here...because I've been checkin' it out..."

So said Frank Zappa, anyway...

Actually, I don't think it CAN happen next week. I think America has finally just about awakened, and we are very close to collectively demonstrating, via ballots, that people like the Dumbya-ites can only "put one over" on the American people for just so long before we wise up and get tired of it.

Our Wanker-In-Chief can lie and spout slogans all he wants, and so can the other anii in his administration, i.e. Cheney, Snow, and all the pro-right pundits who will likely eventually be proven to be paid Bu$hCo employees... At this point, all the anti-left ranting in the world probably isn't going to sway a lot of American voters.

In the picture, Dumbya looks like he has given this scenario some thought. It also looks as if he is giving some thought to how tough a time he is having pinching off a large Cleveland Steamer.

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