What dominates your music collection?

I tend to think that few of us are not music lovers. We may not have extensive collections, but over the years there is almost always one artist that we gravitate to. Sometimes it's a taste that we develop early in life...sometimes it's a recent discovery.

So Blognonymous asks: What one artist, composer, or ensemble dominates your collection? And be honest. No matter how embarrassing you may think the answer is, there is always a reason, and usually it's a pretty good one.

And what dominates Kvatch's collection? Well...though I'm not a Split Enz fan--I started listening later--I am a huge fan of New Zealand artist Neil Finn. I first heard him when Crowded House released the single "Don't Dream It's Over" in the US in 1987, and have been hooked ever since. Between Crowded House, Finn Brothers (Neil and Tim), and solo releases I own 11 CD's from the man that I consider to the best song writer of his generation.

And just so you all won't feel too embarrassed to answer... If this question had come up 8 years ago when I still had some LPs, the answer would have been Alan Parsons, coming in at 12 (10 CDs and 2 LPs). So there. :-)


I have over 3,000 cds. I tend to be comulsive about my collection and generally if I like an artist, I have most of their releases. In terms of numbers, I think the Grateful Dead/Jerry Garcia/Bob Weir/Mickey Hart probably take up the most space in my collection. I not only have the Rhino boxsets that collect all of the Dead's studio albums/Garcia's studio albums, I have all of the Dead's live vault releases, many of their Dick's Picks releases (again, live stuff), and all but one of Garcia's live vault releases. When the Dead put out a limited edition boxset of all their live shows from the Fillmore West 1969, I forgot to pre-order it from the dead website and lost the chance to purchase the set when it sold out. I'm still upset at myself about that. All total, I think I have 65+ Dead/Garcia/Weir/Hart cds Oh, and I also have 10 Live Dead DVDs and 1 Garcia DVD.

A close second is my King Crimson/Robert Fripp/Adrian Belew/Tony Levin collection.

Oops, I just recounted - w/ live Crimson stuff and ancillary Fripp projects like Fripp/Eno, League of Crafty Guitarists, Sylvain/Fripp, etc., I think I have over 85 King Crimson/side projects cds.

Geez, I have too many cds. But damn are they fun to listen to.
I'm sorta hard to peg, everything from Glen Miller to Zeppelin. I also have a massive cd collection (around 1,500). I also appreciate The Finn Bros.

I suppose my biggest favorites would be Jim Steinman, and all who recorded his work: Meatloaf, Air Supply, Bonnie Tyler, Manilow (Okay, I have ALL of his stuff), et al.
My vinyl collection is dominated by Ramones albums. My cd's are too big of a variety to be dominated by any one artists.
Being one of those weird jazz and classical sort of guys, I suppose I am not included here.
David Bowie.
R-bE, I was hoping you'd chime in. 3000? That's about triple the size of my collection. Okay so yer a Deadhead. We get it. :-)

John... another BIG collection! Steinman, huh? Not exactly my bag, but cool nonetheless.

Ron, I guess "dominated" might be too strong a word. How about just by sheer number? That's what I went by.
Pekka...what? Jazz and classical don't count? Not in my book. I have 9 or 10 CDs of Shostakovich. 8 of Arvo Part. Probably 8 each of Philip Glass and John Adams. As far as jazz goes...how about Monk, probably 7 or 8 there.

Chuck...David Bowie? Very cool.
Lately, it's mostly Native artists, a lot of traditional stuff (Native flute, drums, chants), but also some modern takes like Walela. Great group, btw; absolutely heavenly harmonies. I also have a couple of Gospel CD's sung in Cherokee that I like to listen to at the office. Beyond that, my bizarre eclectic tastes run through old AUTHENTIC outlaw country (none of that crap excreted by Tubby Keith) to classic rock to (God save me) hair metal bands from the '80's I primarily use to embarass my boys when they are riding in the truck with me.
Well, I cannot profess to have a collection, but Hubby does. What music dominates my soul? Well, that is a long story. I really like Michael Murphy back before he became Michael Martin Murphy and a huge Republican. I like the cosmic cowboys days. I love Jackson Browne and Van Morrison, Bob Dylan and Bonnie Rait, The Marshall Tucker Band and the Allman Brothers. I really like Neil Young, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and Frank Sinatra. I especially like Johnny Hartman (sp?) and Nat King Cole. I love Tony Bennet and Marilyn McCue (sp?) Randy Crawford is great. Jeez, I could go on and on. The Mommas and the Pappas are great. The list never ends.
Oh, I forgot to mention Carlos Santana and Randy Garibi (sp?) I can't spell their names at all, but Randy's Barbacoa and Big Red is a great tune. I like The Gourds too. How can one have a favorite? Steely Dan still reigns.
LC...what? No Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys? Aren't you near Austin? How about Timbuk 3 or the Austin Lounge Lizards? (Just pulling your chain man! :-) I like that your willing to admit to a 80s hair bands.) For me that era is reserved for the New Wave stuff I have a fetish for: Bananarama, B-52's, and Oingo-Boingo.

Karena, using my criteria there is almost no way one's collection could be dominated by Steely Dan. Though I'm a hardcore fan, I bought 'Citizen Steely Dan' some years back and...after all...it's only 4 CDs. Just can't compete with a prolific band like Depeche Mode, R.E.M., or the ones I mentioned above.
I have a pretty massive collection myself and since mid 2004 Rilo Kiley and the side projects of Rilo Kiley band members--Postal Service, The Elected, Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins--have dominated. Close behind are Kimya Dawson, Bright Eyes and Bishop Allen.

In the longer term, I'll always go back to Blind Melon, Tori Amos, Nine Inch Nails, The Beatles, Nonpoint, The Who, The Doors, Pearl Jam, Ani DiFranco, etc.

By the Kvatch, Don't Dream it's Over is the mad notes! There's a great song I heard a couple years ago that Neil Finn and Eddie Vedder Did together that ruled. Let me check YouTube, hold up.

Of course they have it:


Brave new world.
I seem to have accumulated lots of Beatles, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Sting, Van Morrison, U2, Neil Young. Some that I like to listen to most often, I seem to only have a few of: The Pogues, Warren Zevon, The Waterboys, Blue Nile.

Hearing someone has 3000 CD's is quite intimidating. I just did a rough count & came up with 500, which has completely consumed my CD storage. I still have many of my old 60's albums, but no longer own a working turntable. I guess I just like the artwork. D.K.
I rarely use store-bought CDs at all anymore. There are plenty around the house, but I ripped all the tracks and either listen to them digitally or make my own mix CDs.

I sorted my collection by artist, and much to my surprise, the Squirrel Nut Zippers top my list of tracks. I love the SNZ, but my taste is very eclectic, ranging from Hoagy Carmichael to Donna Summer.
By the Kvatch, Don't Dream it's Over is the mad notes! There's a great song I heard a couple years ago that Neil Finn and Eddie Vedder Did together that ruled. Let me check YouTube, hold up.

SA, that particular clip is probably from "7 Worlds Collide", live material from Neil Finn's shows at the St. James theatre in Auckland in 2002. Johnny Marr, Eddie Vedder, Ed O'brien, Tim Finn, and Lisa Germano all made appearances. I've got both the CD and the DVD. :-)

"Don't Dream It's Over" comes from Crowded House's self-titled first release. (1986).

I have a fair number of Pearl Jam CDs my self, but pretty much stopped paying attention after Yield was released.
D.K, out of necessity I just converted from jewel cases to binders for storing my collection, but man did it take some time. I'm also in the process of ripping the last of my collection, and I've been at that for years.

Betty...the Squirrel Nut Zippers! That's "Hot!" :-) Own two myself.
Anonymous - Pogues remasters come up this month from Rhino records - lots of b-sides and other rarities added to albums. I bought the import versions some years ago and dig 'em.
Heheh... It used to be Iron Maiden. That was decades ago though.

Now-a-days, my collection is so eclectic in coverage that I honestly can't say as anything - not the John Mayer nor the Tool nor the Vivaldi/Rachmananoff/Chopan nor Paul Oakenfold - nothing dominates.

Gots lots o' Def Tones too. And bunches of stuff I generally don't even listen to, but don't wanna dump cuz I know I'll get in the mood for it sometime.

There is lots it lacks, alas. The Finn Bros are currently missing, though I hope to rectify that at some point. Same with R.E.M. I've only "Fables of the Reconstruction" and only 5 off that at that.

more More MORE! I'd like it, eh.
Oh yah, How you've setup the site here is what I'm trying to do with mine.

Wish me luck... {-;
(I mean with the IMPEACH front-end, of course...)
Butthole Surfers and of course, this to keep my vocab skills at their peak.

Glad to see Michael Bains is another huge Iron Maiden fan. Steve Harris is God.

OK, I'm going crazy with the link thingy. Must be the cold medicine. I better take some more.
Growing up in the 90's, I've always been a big fan of the classic rock genre.

AC/DC are by far my favourite band (Angus Young is unreal) but some other favourites include Guns and Roses, Metallica, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Band, Dylan, The Police, Billy Idol, The Tragically Hip, Blind Melon, and of course the legendary Neil Young.

Speaking of Neil Young, has anyone heard his new anti-war themed album, Living With War? Very Good!
PT...Butthole Surfers! Damn...now that's a memory. Saw them in the summer of 85 when they were sort in residence in Austin--first and last time. Most bizarre impromptu concert I've ever seen, and most of the audience keeled over from the heat.

MOB, I'm not as big a metal fan (though I do have a fair amount of Metallica), but I still say that G'nR produced the best cover of all time...their rendition of "Live and Let Die".
You go back to lp's; I go back to 78's. Not quite back to the old Victrola with the dog listening to "His Master's Voice" though although my cousin had an old machine that played cylinders.

I like so many different things, it's hard to single out one in particular.

And I know you'll laugh. I like the folk music of the 50's and 60's (it was my time of course). Older country music. New Age (Enya) and much of the 70's softer rock.

Some gospel - depends on what it is.

And opera and classical up through Puccini.

Some jazz but I prefer music I can whistle. Hate rap and hip hot but I'm fighting a losing battle with the girls. I do moniter content though.

I have a fair collection including a lot of vinyl still but not huge or expensive. These days, I subscribe to Rhapsody on line and very seldom listen to cd's. I copied the favorites to Music Match.

Ask me a question, I'll turn it into an essay.
Bloody Kiwis? That's not music. As for me, as the hearing deteriorates classical is becoming the wallpaper of choice. Almost anything from Debussy through to Glass and Adams. But I still hang onto Bach and Dvorjak. Good old rock and roll hurts too much these days :(

Aside: beta.bugger is still a bit buggy, it seems. There is no cross log in between the old blogger and beta.
granny, i'm not laughing. I can always listen to some Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, The Weavers, et alllll. Folk music is the original protest music. D.K.
3,000 CDs, rbe? Damn, education must pay pretty well these days. Back a few decades, I remember substitute teaching for $18 a day. ;-)

Anon, I've still got my 60s vinyl. Can't get rid of them for some reason. I've recorded some to CD, but it's damn time consuming.

Don't know that anything dominates my meager collection. But the older I get, the more the blues appeals to me.
That music united a generation. Simple melodies, easy to remember lyrics.

I wish we had a song for today.
"Bloody Kiwis"? Oh...and you Australians are so superior. Fine, I got 8 CDs from The Church, as well.

Abi, I'm all over that. Drove through Memphis some years back and hear my first "all blues, all the time" station. Been hooked ever since. "Lightnin'" Hopkins is my current obsession.

Granny, unfortunately I think that we have way too many songs for today. Neil Young's latest is an excellent example--something that I truly wish wasn't necessary.
Pink Floyd, I have whole cds on the pod, everybody else are just individual songs except for Grover Washington, Jr and...Enigma. If it wasn't for iTunes I wouldn't have most of the other songs. I hate paying for something I'm not going to listen to.

I have more DVDs than CDs, Babylon 5 dominates that collection.
abi, I buy a lot of cds off yourmusic.com. it's a music club that's part of BMG, but instead of having to buy a set amount of cds a year for a ridiculous price and pay ridiculous shipping charges, you get charged $6 a month plus tax for one single cd and they ship it to you free. Then you can buy as many cds as you want, all for $6 a cd. And shipping is free. Double sets are $12. Box sets are variable, depending upon the number of cds. I just bought a 4 cd Cream box set for $24, in stores it's $60. I got a 6 cd Miles Davis box set (The Cellar Door sessions) for $36, it's over $100 in stores.

It's a pretty good deal, and while I was reluctant to post about the club, since I didn't want anybody to think I was shilling for them, I have to say that I have gotten a lot of really great music from yourmusic.com very cheaply. I also buy a lot of my cds at Academy Records, a used cd place in Chelsea, or used on Amazon.com. And Amazon often sells new releases for 25%-35% off and there's no tax or shipping if you buy over $25.

When you like to purchase and collect music like I do, you have to find a way to do it a little more cheaply than just going to Tower and buying indiscriminately.
Reality-E, $6 a CD? I'm in! Good way to beef out my sketchy collection. And mucho thanks for The Pogues tip earlier. Really, I could use a boost of their B-Sides, anytime (i'm doing a little irish jig just at the thought, where's my guinness). D.K.
Debra, my brother is the hard core Pink Floyd fan. Has everything the band ever produced from bootlegs to videos, boxed-sets to singles. DVDs huh? If you're a Babylon 5 fan (and I am too), how do you like BG? (That's geek-talk for Battlestar Galactica on Scifi.)

R-bE, D.K., I buy CDs online a bit (mostly Amazon), but I'm a huge fan of getting used material. Fortunately we have Amoeba Records here in Sodom by the Sea, and they have God's own used CD department. One man's trash is another man's treasure.
I have a hard time finding one artist. The ones I have the most from are Billy Joel, Loreena McKennitt (a Canadian New Age type artist), and Pink Floyd. When I actually looked at it, made me think "that's a bit weird." Not the first time anyone ever thought that about me.
Can't really narrow it down to one that 'dominates', but I can think of a few (in no particular order) whose CDs are most numerous in my collection:

1. Thin White Rope
2. The whole Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry/Brian Eno axis
3. Ramones (of course!)
4. Talking Heads (well, duh!)
5. Nick Cave
6. Shriekback

Combining my CDs and Jody's, I would add REM and Elvis Costello. Jody also has tons of Joni Mitchell and Judy Collins, but I would never willingly listen to either of them.
The Cure. The Cure. And, The Cure.

I was a late-80's punk-edged goth. I saw NIN opening for the Jesus and Mary Chain at Club Nu in Miami Beach! These days I listen to everything from Nanci Griffifth to the Ying Yang Twins, but when it comes to the music I know best, it's gotta be The Cure. Pixies come a close second.
Sothis, I have most of Loreena McKennitt's CDs, and I'm not sure I'd call her "New Age"--well...at least not in the way that Enya is New Age. "Folk," maybe?

Tom, Talking heads! There you go. I've got a bunch, but not enough to put 'em at the top of the heap. Though, if I combined them with David Byrne solo projects (rock and classical), then I'd probably have 9 or 10.

So...Lukku...I gues you're a Cure fan, huh? :-)
I found last season difficult to watch. I loved the previous episodes but this was a little too dark for me. I still haven't watched the last few eps. I better get cracking since the new season starts next month.
"No Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys? Aren't you near Austin?"

You HAVE been out of Texas for a while, amigo; Austin is three hours away WITHOUT construction on I-35 (soon to be Giant Sucking Sound Avenue). I do like Kinky's music, particularly Asshole from El Paso and They Ain't Makin' Jews Like Jesus Anymore, I just wish all the damn white liberals around here would realize that he is NOT a serious candidate and they wouldn't want him if he was.
I don't really have a dominant artist, although my reggae/dancehall selections are now reaching the majority. Come to think of it, Bjork, The Smiths, and Massive Attack are the few groups that come to mind as far as owning most of their albums.

And BTW, Kvatch, I’ve always thought you were sort of Neil Finn-ish, so it doesn't surprise me that you chose him.
Debra... BG darker Babylon 5? Did I miss a memo?

LC, sorry geographically challenged, but hey 3 hours is pretty close by Texas standards. I tend to think of Kinky as a sort of Jesse "The Body" type of candidate, but here's to hoping he won't win.

Mags, you're right. I've had many people describe my musical tastes as bizarre, but nobody's surprised by the Neil Finn/Crowded House thing.
Kinky cannot possibly win, but he can kill it for the Democrats. Almost all his support is coming from white affluent liberals who think his shtick is cute. It's not. Nor is he a liberal. Every vote for Kinky is a vote for that fascist ankle-biter Rick Perry.
What I have the most of is Austin, Texas hipster music. Kind of embarassing, but kind of wonderful.
Libby, name an "Austin hipster" band? Please!

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