To Keep Rhode Island, GOP Will Eat Its Own

Senator Lincoln Chafee (R. RI), is so liberal that he's been courted by the Democrats the way Jim Jeffords (I. VT) was back in 2001. And the state Chafee represents, Rhode Island, is so Blue that it hasn't given a Republican presidential candidate more than 40% of the vote since 1988. But in order to keep Rhode Island, the GOP is willing to eat one of their own, Cranston Mayor, Steve Laffey.

You see Laffey is challenging Chafee for the Republican nomination, but in a state this blue a Bush-style Republican--support for the Prez, for the war, and for tax cuts--doesn't go over so well. Polls suggest that if Laffey wins then he'll get crushed in the general election by the Democratic challenger Sheldon Whitehouse.

So what's the GOP doing about it? Well it seems that the old tricks are the best tricks. They've ginned up a Willie Horton-esque commercial that tries tar Laffey as being an advocate of open borders--laughable considering his position on the issue is exactly that of the US Treasury Department. But no matter, when you're trying to do is keep control of the Senate, whose going to stand on principle. For the GOP seems even a "Blue" Republican is preferable to losing the seat.


If they lose Rhode Island, I'm sure they can count on the independent senator from Connecticut supporting them.
just wondering whom is really the best candidate - because i donj't think red or blue really matters

just a thought that came to me -- did you know gang colors are red and blue???

bloods and crips...how approporatekkls
TW, :-) :-) :-) A trade it is then!

AZGoddess, I don't really know. For us Dems Chafee is pretty inoffensive, but I rather see a Democrat in there.
Thanks for keeping track of all this...do you know I come here more than reading the Boston Globe ? quite a compliment for a news junkie me...

and Chaffee is ineffective eith way- we need a Dem there..period..it is time to send the Repugs a Messege- all the way.
He's a speed bump, let the cannibalization begin! Go, Repugs, go!
Fred...chomp, chomp!

E4E, I think that if Chafee wins, and the Dems win, he'll go independent like Jeffords, but like you I still rather have a Democrat.
There must be an analogy here we can draw to how some Dems tried to sandbag Lamont. But I can't quite make it out.
Yum. Chicken-Fried Laffey.

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