Shed Those Unwanted Pounds... With Photoshop

That's what CBS news did for Katie Couric. Check out these before and after photos. Cool huh?

Reality is no longer what it once was. Need to loose 20 pounds? Maybe even get rid of that jaundiced look? No problem. Just load up Photoshop and... Voila! But if even that is too much work for you, well...camera manufacturers have the solution there as well. HP's newest Photosmart cameras really are! They can slim you down or remove unsightly blemishes from your face. Wrinkles be gone! Some Olympus cameras can give you that golden tan you've always wanted.

Yes indeed. Who needs reality? Pretty soon Photoshop will come with plug-ins that age you backwards. "Adobe, helping you relive your 20s!"


Katie will be taking the blame for this, at least that's my opinion. You're the first blog I've come upon the this the whole IMPEACH page. Looks great. It was too much for me to deal with so I did something else...a variation on the theme.
I've been needing a makeover and this just might do the trick. Thanks for the tip, Kvatch... I need a lot of work...does it cost much? :>)
CBS, showing they're really serious about the news.
TPM, so affordable you wouldn't believe it even if I told you.

Sumo, thanks. I wasn't able to get the gif to center just the way I wanted for IE. So it's not exactly like what the people at Impeachnet wanted, but it's close.

Lew, just wait. I've got a post to fix CBS's little red wagon. Sunday night...I promise.
In one of my past corporate contracts, my boss (director, internal communications) made it a standard practice to photoshop pounds off obese subjects in any photo that was going to be published. The women, apparently, loved it. Simple creatures, us females.

I have to admit, I've also used PS to remove the odd wrinkle from a particularly unphotogenic client... see what happens when you sell out?
That's really cool! Can Photoshop make my testicles look larger?
Since the most news are virtually relevant and virtually true, why should an anchor woman be anything else than virtually herself?
Lukku, I'd love to sell out? Is there...like...some specific place I need to go?

PT...uh probably, but don't ask me to do the work.

Pekka, completely fake I'd say. Did you read about those propoganda shorts that many news organizations were running as real news...no disclaimer?
yeah, but photoshop still won't make your dick look any bigger!
Certainly better than that whole exercise/diet meme. I mean, who thought up that crap anyway? If God had meant us to exercise he wouldn't have created couches.
Dang, those propaganda shorts ring some bells but like a thousand other things, I can't quite pull it out! Sure would be nice to dive into that pond a little deeper (frog talk?), though.
knghterrant, if the couch isn't evidence of Divine Providence, I don't know what is ;-)

They're also good for "surfing" when you're in your 20s and temporarily homeless.
Hey Jay...I'm a frog, there is nothing in this universe that cold make my you-know-what look bigger.

KnightErrant, indeed! Laz-y-boy, recliner of the Almighty!

Pekka, Couric's gonna get her's. Just wait until this evening.

Lukku, you're making me nostalgic. The Frogette tells a great story about he couch she had in college that was upholstered in astroturf!
I like to give myself tiny nips & tucks if someone photos me while I have 5 extra lbs. I LOVE PHOTOSHOP.

So far, I've restrained myself from using the "smear" tool for wrinkles but I love the "liquify" tool.

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