More Good News On Voter Registration...

... Like Florida's draconian registration laws--struck down earlier in the week--Ohio's laws were nixed by a federal court yesterday.

This is excellent news for Americans interested in increasing voter participation and a blow to vote suppressors working on similar statutes in Georgia, New Mexico and Colorado. Moreover, its great to see Ken Blackwell, Ohio's Conflict of Interest Secretary, get his ass kicked in court.


Now if we can only eliminate those touch screen voting machines.....
Ken Blackwell. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy!
Lew, I'm all over that. Though I'd settle for verified voting.

Mary, I don't know much about the man, but from what I've read he's a slime.
Very good news! Thanks for posting this Kavatch!
Funny. And we've bringing democracy to other countries? Would be nice if we could get it right at home first.
Kvatch- sorry about the typo on your screen name. Must proofread.
Poor Ohio...again..thanks for keeping us informed...
You have to give to these (right-wing) Rebukes, that they supply you with ample examples of how democracy can never been taken granted or it's survival considered permanently engraved in stone.
Chuck, E4E, I strive to find only the most interesting, overlooked stuff for you to peruse.

Sothis, we could get some international election monitors. I think that Russia voluneered to monitor the last presidential election.

Pekka, no truer words.

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