Kvatch Says: "Support Your President!"

It's a common refrain. We here it all the time on rightist blogs--an indictment of our anti-American Bush hating:
Unlike the left, I support whoever is President
In fact, just this past weekend Tom Hilton @ If I Ran The Zoo had an interesting post on the delusion that pervades the right regarding the supposed civility of the Clinton era. So let me just say that if a 5 year witch hunt, with numerous destroyed lives, culminating in botched impeachment of the most popular president in 40 years can be construed as 'supporting your president' then...I'm so on board!.


It's a fact:Kool-Aid drinking affects short term memory.
Lew, I have to think they have been passin' around the GOP Crack Pipe and some folk have been inhaling deeply for a great long while.
PS. Kvatch,

Excellent point, my friend. Excellent point.
Could somebody have a pitty on a foreigner and explain the meaning of this "Kool-Aid" thingy!
We refer to the willingly blind and brainless followers of the GOP as the Kool-Aid drinkers, as in the willingly blind and brainless Kool-Aid drinkers of Jonestown, Guyana (where the crazy ass Reverend Jim Jones killed himself and all of his followers with poisoned Kool-Aid.) Same blind and moronic devotion.
pekka... Not really my place to say but I think it is in reference to the cult of Jim Jones who fed his followers Kool-Aid (laced with poison) for their last supper. The point is the Bushji followers will drink the "Kool-Aid" and never ask questions of their appointed 'Dear Leader'... I'll let Kvatch do the detailed explanation because it is not really my place since I am just passing thru... Regards - fc

Kvatch... I just couldn't help but posting your chicklet almost just as it was. I like the little critter icon... grin... I cropped it a couple of pixels so it would fit in with my other buttons... See what you think... I also added a button for Dusty's "It's My Right To Be Left of Center"

Your post is right on the money. I think I agree also with windspike... So many of their decisions and ill thought out moves make you wonder what and who spends the nights in the White House besides Jimmy-Jeff Ganon and his friends in 'high' places...

- fc (fatcat politics)
WS...thanks! And thanks everyone for laying out the Jim Jones thing. (Being a resident of Babylon by the Bay, I'd probably have been compelled to point out that The People's Temple was based here. Uggghhh!)

And FC, many thanks for picking up the chicklet. You're my first for that one, and the croping looks fine.
The comment for here is in the post below...who knew?!!
Tina and fc - thanks a lot for the info! This thing has been bugging the hell out of me and what a relief it is to know now what is meant by it.
No one can feign outrage at the loss of civility like the GOP.
Fred, all part of the act, I think. Turn everything to their advantage if they can. Dems could learn something here.
Sign me up as a Bush supporter!

And while I think the Kool-Aid reference has its origins mainly in Jonestown, I think there's also a hint of an 'electric Kool-Aid' reference as well.

By the way, to the extent it is a Jonestown reference, it's inaccurate. Those of us who were around at the time (my dad was on the wire desk at The Examiner, which was a real newspaper back then, when the news of Ryan's shooting came in) recall that the drink was actually Flavor-Ade, not Kool-Aid. Somehow Kool-Aid's PR people fell down on the job and were never able to make that common knowledge.
kool-aid - - ahhh that tasty treat we drank as a kid...

and electric kool-aid - - that way cool drug we took as teens...grin...oh wait, not me...no, never me - grin

blind supports of anyone - including our current government are just sad...

do you think it has anything to do with religion now-a-days...

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