Iran and the GOP - Birds of a Feather Flock Together

"Today, students should shout at the president and ask why liberal and secular university lecturers are present in the universities..."

Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad --
Calling for a purge of liberal and secular teachers, 5 September 2006

"You could introduce a bill that says, proof that you're anti-American is grounds for dismissal."

Former Republican Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich --
Calling for the firing of professors on political grounds in a speech to the American Enterprise Institute, 25 February 2005


What does Gingrich mean, "anti-American"? Against the Republican regime? Or opposed to the Constitution? He certainly had no problem criticizing Clinton when Bill was in power. Was he anti-american then?
Hehe, I shouldn't bee laughing at serious issues, but there is a bit of a sick humor in all of this. Think about it, both of these chaps, Newt and Mahmoud, are basically the same animal. Their respective cultures made them look (at the first glance) different on the surface, but just a little scratching exposes them as what they really are - twins seperated at birth.
Authoritarian is as Authoritarian does...
big brother is watching someone here...

as similar words came from two different parts of the world...

or maybe they are not so dissimilar these two worlds???
Lew, I think that it was the standard GOP meme: Take the word "liberal" and substitute the word "anti-American".

Pekka, AZGoddess...seperated at birth indeed. And with what's going on in Florida to sanitize the texts, I'd say that we're more like Iran than we'd like to admit. The GOP plays the fellow traveller of the authoritarians really well.
HA! I already wrote a post for Weds on this very same subject... the comparisons are almost comical anymore b/c they are becoming waaaay too easy.
the comparisons are almost comical anymore b/c they are becoming waaaay too easy.

Tina... It's like shooting fish in a barrel isn't it?
What worries me is that the average American doesn't know who Ahmadinejad is (and doesn't care). I wonder if they can see the irony. So many are wrapped up in sucking up the "if you don't support the President and everything he does, you are un-American" line, they can't see it. And for many in the Christian Right camp, this is simply a battle between Christianity and Islam.
I am proud to say...I was born anti-american...for I would not pay hmage to any president...since he is just an ordinary man. Perhaps the job isn't ordinary...but the man is. Except
Andre Agassi...I pay homage to Andre.
Ooopsie...this comment was for the post above...don't ask! Uh...I'm tired...if that will work...I'm tired. Heh!
Sothis, so true. I just get frustrated having to constantly defend my criticism as very, overtly "American".

Sumo, don't worry about it. Until Worried American over at Is American Burning adjusted their template, I was constantly putting comments on the wrong post.

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