Happy Labor Day - Reflect Then Shop Like A Subversive

I had hoped to come up with something deep and topical to post about today, but it seems that I've run dry. So instead I'm going to direct you to two bloggers who do have something important to say.

First up we've got John Good of Left in Aboite whose reflections on Labor Day covered everything I would have wanted to say, if I weren't so damn tired.

Then, after you've considered John's excellent reflections, head over to Knock Knock for Peacechick Mary's lessons in subversive shopping.

Happy Labor Day all!


Hey, thanks. Rest, rest, rest.
I've been trying to write a couple of posts all morning and Blogger won't let me, at least not on isamericaburning.

By now it would be silly to write about Labor Day I suppose.
Thanks, Kvatch! You are too kind!

Granny, you write about it when you can, and let me know so I can enjoy it. Not silly at all!
You know, the second best place to look for posting ideas is the whitehouse dot gov location. That's where I go for inspiration. But in the end, maybe the blogisphere is a better source for good writing.

Happy labor day and blog on.
I went to work today. But I did take the time to read both of those excellent blogs and enjoyed them immensely. Thanks for pointing them out, Kvatch.
Peacechick, John...you're both very, very welcome. As PT alluded to...excellent posts.

Granny...what John said.

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