For The Intelligence Agent Who Has Everything - Insurance

Hot on the heels of Bu$hCo removing whistle-blower protection for EPA employees who tattle on their employer, Blognonymous hears that CIA agents are signing up for a government-reimbursed, insurance program that will cover expenses stemming from civil lawsuits or accusations of criminal wrongdoing.

"But why..." you might ask yourself, "...would agents need insurance if they've done nothing wrong?" Well, since it's not clear that the actions of the...say..Abu Grahib interrogators are legal, I can certainly see how, with trials pending, the agents might be getting a bit nervous. Nonetheless this stinks like day old tuna. First, if Bu$hCo was so damn confident of the legality of their actions, then why are they now seeking indemnification for CIA employees from Congress? Second, even if Congress fails to act isn't it the Justice Department's duty defend anyone accused of a crime related to fighting the WoT? You'd think so, but apparently the agents are no so confident, and well they should not be. Bu$hCo has hung numerous military officials out to dry. So why not the agents as well?

In the end though, I don't have much sympathy for the purchasers of these policies, be they FBI, CIA, contractors, or whomever. If you're so frickin' concerned about whether or not you've violated international or domestic surveillance law, then maybe you should just stop what you're doing. These people are certainly not ignorant of the law, and ultimately the responsibility is theirs. Nobody should want to go into court, even with their costs covered, and have to mutter, "I was only following orders."


"I was only following orders."The old Nazi officers defense.
It would be a little ironic if they were to use the Nuremberg defence. However, they have been following orders, surely the argument for war crimes goes a little higher. I mean what does a disgraced spook do for a living if he's dumped for disobeying?
Ya know, and I just finished writing a post about how I can't get HEALTH insurance. And these bozos are getting gov't reimbursed whistleblower insurance? Geesh.
Lew, I know...sounds silly doesn't it, but ironically this is exactly what many agents and military personel are claiming.

Cartledge, on the first point...I agree, but what happens if they get indemnification? On the second point, any number of things. There are a thousand (more?) consultancies where a disgraced spook can go and ply their trade.

Lukku, the mind boggles doesn't it?
insurance for what?

what people won't do to make a buck these days...

so sad -- really sad
The boss of all the bosses and the other made men in the inner sanctum of this crime syndicate will have all the resources at their disposal to keep them clear of any sort of prosecution. However, these CIA foot soldiers, pick pockets and other small fish have to survive "the heat" getting wiser and cover their sorry asses as best as they can. Loyalty among the thiefs turns out to be just another myth among hundreds of others.
BushCo.....The most dishonest, corrupt administration in this countries history....Period.

Thanks for your comments.

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