Fashion Rendition - Hugo Chavez Loses His Hugo Boss

New York (f-A-ke. P.)

Fashion Rendition
Chavez intercepted by TSA agents who strip search him and then refuse to return his shiny, black, 4-button, Euro-trash suit. State Department spokesperson refers to the incident as a "fashion rendition". European purveyors of couture outraged--call for a boycott of US shows. Kofi Annan appeals for calm and negotiation, offers to serve as intermediary.

(Forgive me. I dumped this comment so many blogs, I figured it was time I put up or shut up.)


you crack me up....

seriously here - who's to say whom is correct? did he forget his ticket? if so, then um, why didn't some airlines person look it up for him and print another one...cuz um, they've done that for me
see this

What? That you and I suspect your paymasters at Faux News seem to have a little trouble with the whole spelling thing? Yup, I saw that.

Count of Fox to use a spelling that maybe 1 in 50 choose for bin Laden's name. Morons.
If I were a Faux News operative, I wouldn't publicize that incident. I think they came out looking distinctly the worse for the wear. The consensus (and not just among those capable of abstract thought) seems to be that Clinton cleaned Wallace's clock.
I was just reading the U.N. is now going to get involved in the whole thing....which means at least three years before any facts come out....:)
Ms. Cracker...and, like Bu$hCo with all things that make them look bad, they're trying to bury the evidence by putting the squeeze on sites that have the video.

TFWY, by then fashions will have changed again and the whole sorry episode will be forgotten. ;-)
You say 'potato,' I say 'fresh from the high fashion runways of Milan.'
You say 'potato,' I say 'fresh from the high fashion runways of Milan.'

But only 'Fresh' if Hugo entered a time-machine and went back to 2000. It could only be worse if he had some thick-rimmed 'Poindexter' glasses to compliment that suit. :-)

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