Don't Tattle On The EPA - The King Doesn't Like It

In yet another blow to environmental standard's enforcement, Bu$hCo has managed to quietly exempt itself from "whistle-blower" prosecutions by EPA employees. In other words, if you work for the EPA and tattle on the agency for failing to enforce environmental law, you're no longer allowed to sue the administration, a right that all federal employees enjoy.

Now one might wonder what statute allows Bu$hCo to circumvent the whistle-blower laws. Well the Secretary of Labor's Administrative Review Board has made a ruling that cites an unpublished opinion from the Attorney General's Office of Legal Counsel. Interestingly, that opinion invokes the ancient doctrine of sovereign immunity--the old English legal maxim that "The King Can Do No Wrong." So now...not only does Bush get to act like a king (and a rotten one at that) but the Attorney General's office is laying the legal groundwork for him to rule like one.

Federal employees had better watch out. The next time somebody runs afoul of Bu$hCo policy the President may call for that person's head, and the Attorney General will be right there to swing the axe. 'Divine right of kings,' you know.


love it - your commentary of course

as far as baby bush...he can act like a king but he still smells like a skunk

and that smell is filtering thru every house and business in the united states
It's a return to the days of the divine rights of kings, once again proving that Republicans don't really believe in democracy.
...Republicans don't really believe in democracy.

What gets me is the audacity of citing 'the king can do no wrong' in a legal opinion. What f*cking country does Alberto Gonzales think he's in? This sort of nonsense should be shouted from the rooftops exactly as you phrased it Lew.

AZG, bit isn't it surprising how many people are still able to ignore what's going on.
Bush Reveals Secret War on Terror, Movement of Suspects

No! Really?! Say it isn't so! Oh wait, you're the Faux News Wanker. Figures.
C'mon Frog, it's a little late for whining now. You know full well that absolute power was granted to the President (with an expiration date of January 2009) in the Patriot Act!

Oh, don't act dumb...it's all there in invisible-and-white 1-point-font in the footnotes of page 19, 074!
I get the distinct impression that secretive governments don't appreciate whistle blowers.
The odd thing is, nearly every jurisdiction compels by the law reporting the commission of a crime.
Except where they punish that reporting under another law.
Hey, I have an idea. Why don't we buy a box of whistles and send them to the Whitehouse with some fun little notes tied to them...I think we can be creative about that can't we?
Rex, yeah I know, but I frog can still hope can't he?

Cartledge, I sort of agree. I don't think this can really hold up for exactly the reason you specify...the fact that reporting a crime is required in most jurisdictions.

WS...that's an outstanding idea! I think we should call it the "Bush-blower Project".

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