Coming Soon To Your PC... Google Bug (beta)

Google wants to use your PC's existing microphone to listen in on what's going on in the background and then serve you relevant ads based on the sounds they find. Google Bug (beta)The Register reports that Peter Norvig, Google's director of Research, says that this product is going to show up eventually..."sooner rather than later".

Once this little gem is deployed, anybody want to take bets on how long the Feds wait before passing laws making the retention of the sounds mandatory and the use of the tech an FBI prerogative?


Anything goes in the war on terror, Kvatch. And what's really sad is the millions of kool-aid drinkers who would support it.
Oh I wish them luck! Give them as much as possble, swamp them!
Horrors! I'm so scared. Not! I have to agree that the scary part is the supporters. WTF?
Abi, Mary, I think that the truly scary part is that the company that said "no" to the DoJ on exposing search queries would think that this was a good idea.

I mean realistically...we should all just make sure that those microphones are off. That's just good, solid common sense. But the press surrounding this numbskull idea is going to be terrible for Google. I mean...as Cartledge points out the sheer volume of data isn't going to be easy for Google to use. So why bother?
When I'm online, all the other appliances are off. The only sound is the occasional honking of geese as they land in the yard. Happy listening!
If they had to listen to my wife drone on in the background, telling me to get off this thing, they'd probably do the same as me...tune her right out!
ok- now this confirms i am not crazy. this explains quite a bit.
I'm already thinking of ways to hack into it and play really scary sounds - screaming, grunting bears, wolves howling, Bush speaking.
I'm already making a endless loop recording of my toilet flushing as I type. If my privacy and rights are getting flushed away, then I consider that an appropriate response.
Lew, "honking of geese"? If I pull the same thing here, all Google will hear are car alarms.

Fred, but they'll probably target ads for earplugs right to your screen!

Betmo, just rip that mic right out.

Peacechick, Kathy, I'm all over the sounds. How about Bush's voice intermixing with a flushing toilet?
Oy dat
They'd hear "these are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. It's continuing mission blah, blah, blah",

My husband is a Star Trek fan and some station somewhere is always running one episode or another.
From my comments:

Kvatch said...
Many thanks for the link. I've been wondering why Google would even try this. Seems to me that all it will do is create bad will for a company that most people admire.

My response...
It does have the makings to be one of those "What were they thinking?" ideas. And your probably right that it won't be long before the Feds are asking for retention of these "fingerprints" just so they can have one more treasure trove of data from which to peruse through out personal lives.

And perhaps at some point in the not too distance future, to "Google" someone may come to have rather nerfarious implications.
I hope they enjoy the sounds of drunk penguins.
Heretik...Franz would indeed be unhappy!

Granny...I think that the Xsociate is really onto something here. "These are the voyages of the eavesdropper Google. It's enduring mission, to reveal your hidden secrets. To boldly go, where not search engine has gone before."

SA...and wind I'd suppose. BTW, what exactly are your penguins getting drunk on?
As frightening as it is, most of us have really random stuff going on in the background. I have Czech Television. That might be more confouding than drunk penguins.

I'm turning my mic of anyway.

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