Uber-Economy - Standing Room Only Air Travel

Airbus thinks that they have a solution for squeezing the maximum number of passenger miles out of existing aircraft: Standing-room only. Being pitched to Asian carriers, the idea of a padded backboard, a harness, and a very small amount of space is newest configuration for aircraft "seating". Think of it as a Japanese subway...in the skies and hope that it's an idea that never catches on.


It used to be that "progress" paid dividends for the working man. Now it just means paying dividends to The Man.

Odd how things have fliped around so completely. Perhaps the ship of state is the S.S Poseidon.
My goodness - who would want to go to the same place as that many people would make their primary destination?
The target use of SRO flights are Asian market shuttle flights (~1hr.) As odd as it seems, is it really that different than a commuter rail? I've no experience with such things, living in the boondocks as I do.
Time to buy that $50 upgrade at the airport on check in I think!
is it really that different than a commuter rail?

EPM...not really, I guess--except for that big honkin 4 belt harness! :-)

Fashiongirl, you're so right, but now all it'll get you is...a seat.

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