Q: What's on your laptop? A: Malware.

An astounding announcement from the software giant--Microsoft Security Solutions group program manager, Mike Danseglio, admitted that recovery from the onslaught of malicious malware is often not possible. Though...to those of us in the industry, this is not really news.

Friends often ask me what they should do when their computer is infected with the virus du jour, and my response always takes the form of a question: "Is your data backed up?" If the answer is "yes", then I advise reinstalling Windoze (XP, 2K, whatever...) and then restoring personal data from the backup. If the answer is "no" then I usually respond, "Give up and get a Mac!".

Now that second response is pretty glib, but there is a reason and don't think for a second that Macs aren't susceptible to malware. They are, but with most hackers focused on Windoze, there are far fewer attacks on Mac OS. More importantly though, with a good backups, a virus, worm, or rootkit is an annoyance, not a catastrophe, and Macs make backups easier by centralizing all of your data. With Windoze, the data you need to capture is all over the system.

So cut a CD, compress to an external drive, put it all on a USB keychain, whatever... just get it done, because in these uncertain times loss of one's data is tantamount to plagues of locusts and rivers running red with blood.


Right kvatch! I only buy macs for a reason. plus they make it so easy to back up right into the keyboard with those tiny drives!
I've alwasy felt that backups are a karmic thing. If you do them regularly, you'll never need them, but the moment you stop...BANG, POW, ZAP!
As someone who lost everything recently when my mutha board went belly up..I can only second Kvatch's warning. I am looking into online storage..whats your take on that kvatch?

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