Once Again Bu$hCo Attacks California Over Emissions

With the auto industry poised to lose their fight to overturn California's new, more stringent tailpipe emissions standards, Bu$hCo steps in to support the manufacturers. On Wednesday of last week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued new federal mileage standards. Then, in an extraordinary leap, a NHTSA spokesperson stated that the new standards would pre-empt state rules on greenhouse gas emissions, specifically the 2004 regulations that were approved by the California Air Resources Board and then adopted by 10 other states.

Setting aside the fact that the NHTSA lacks the authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions; Setting aside the fact that reduced emissions and higher fuel economy are not necessarily linked, as it's possible to achieve the former without the latter; California is allowed by law to set it's own standards. The A.P. notes (in the San Jose Mercury News) -
Because California began setting vehicle emissions standards before the federal government, the state is allowed under the Clean Air Act of 1970 to set its own standards, which other states have the option of adopting.
And so, once again, Bu$hCo proves that it really has no interest in reducing emissions through innovative technologies nor any other means. Though on a positive note, California's senators sent a letter to the President admonishing him for this attack on the country's most populous and, from the standpoint of air quality, most polluted state. Guess it's back to Federal court for CA.


Damn you, California! We WILL assert our power over you! And no more marijuana candy bars for you either!
Why would Bush care about reducing emmissions when he doesn't even accept that GLobal Warming is accelerated by humanitys' buring of fossil fuels?

The Earth could go to hell for all Bush cares as long as he makes a few bucks and is nice and secure in his bunker.
Remember in 2000, when Bush was campaigning, his charge that Gore placed his faith in the Federal government, while he (Bush) believed in local governments? Guess he fli flopped on that issue.
I don't understand how the feds have the authority to overrule a state's more stringent emission standards. But we aren't in Kansas anymore, are we.

Hey, Kvatch, how'd that George Mason thing work out for you the other night? Heh-heh-heh...

BTW, the link to the senators' letter is broken. Looks like you've got 2 URLs in there.
I don't understand how the feds have the authority to overrule a state's more stringent emission standards.

Abi...they don't. The Clean Air Act is quite specific. This is just a annoyance tactic to keep CA from putting the regulations into force--see if we'll give up the fight.

Hey, Kvatch, how'd that George Mason thing work out for you the other night? Heh-heh-heh...

Oh...dude! That's just cruel. :-) BTW, I think the link is fixed.
I guess we're all gonna have to live like Dark Helmet from SpaceBalls and crack open some cans of air if we want to remember what fresh air was like.
Couple this with the Bu$hCo FDA trying to undercut states from imposing stricter food labeling and you see that there is nothing conservative about this administration. Oh, sure there is a theocratic puritanism, but that has more to do with Stalin-like control of the masses than conservatism.
Hey Tina, do you think that Darth Vadar's wheeze is from breathing too much bad imperial air?

Epm, nothing conservative about Bu$hCo--just meddling in different stuff.

Lew, sure looks like Bush has flipped on the "local government" knows best thing, but I'm of the opinion that state's rights are the last best hope of the progressives.
Just a sad look into your future until we can turn this around..Texas had good air until Bush became Governor. Now we have the most polluted air in the country.
The only "emissions control" that would take care of the rest of the "emissions" is the one spewing forth from Bush's mouth!
Weird, Bush supporting business
Weird, Bush supporting business

Ah sarcasm, the sour cream of wit. :-)

Hey TPM, Bush's rhetoric is usually so chilling, methinks it would reverse global warming all by itself.

I'm not going to say what I'm thinking...

...but you know.

P.S. Tip o' the glass to George W (the school and the Prez) for making things interesting.
Frog, I'm not going to say what I'm thinking...but you know.

As sad as I am at George Mason's loss, I am even more saddened by the fact that the uber-patriot, the might stardard-bearer of America loving himself, Rex Kramer, Danger Seeker couldn't find it in his heart to root for the patriotic underdog, The Patriots.

A sad day indeed.

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