Mandatory Data Retention - Good for Europe, Good for Us

In a future courtroom:
Mr. Kvatch, did you surf "flies-gone-wild.com" and the ACLU's website on June 30th, 2006?

Well Your Honor, I might have. I can't really remember, but let me jus--

SILENCE! You're sentenced to 5 years for violating the American Safe Surfing Act (ASS-Act 2006).
The omnibus telecommunications bill working it's way through the House has a lot in it that you won't like. It's so-called "net-neutrality" provisions will essentially do away with the concept. But add to that a new provision to be introduced by Diana DeGette (D. CO) that will mandate data retention, i.e. surfing habits, emails, and protocol usage in sufficient detail to identify individual users. Similar to a provision introduced in the EU last year, this amendment takes retention one step further be placing the burden on businesses in addition to ISP's, telcos, and protocol providers (VOIP, etc...).

Although this measure is ostensibly about fighting Internet kiddie-porn, it's widely known that the idea has the backing of the Department of Justice. If you combine DoJ's interest with the lack of judicial oversight engendered by the Patriot Act, you get a mighty scary scenario where federal law enforcement abuses it's ability to obtain warrantless records access in order to track "undesirables".

The DoD's doing it, right? The EU's doing it. So let's give a huge sieve to DoJ.


this is a horrible mistake...and if you oppose this, once again their manipulative tactics are intended make you look like one of the most despised kind of criminals.
New pic?
Why yes the pic is new, but I don't think that you've looked at the site since I posted this. :-)

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