Kvatch's Kommandos Take Market Street

In a daring raid this morning, a brigade of Kvatch's Kommandos established a beachhead on San Francisco's Embarcadero and then swept up Market Street advancing as far as Powell.

Rumor has it that Hilton's Heroes will see action on California's north coast in the next few days.


You so rock.

Dubya's coming to our neighborhood Sunday (a local marine base), and I'm parking my Jeep on the side of the only main road into it with a big posterboard saying "Bring our soldiers home NOW" in biggest letters and below it in smaller letters "you lying treasonous asshole". It'll be fun.
This is something that could catch on... Looks like it's time for a trip into Boston with a big Bag-O-Army-Men.
Well done, Kvatch! Mission accomplished...and not in a flight-deck-of-the-Lincoln kind of way.

Hilton's Heroes are heading for Mendocino tomorrow...pictures when I return.
I'm going to keep an eye peeled for these guys.

Blog on Kvatch, blog on.

P.S. did you make any of the Aught Six selubrious earthquake festivities?
I think any of us who borrow this idea should put this on the back of the banner: Kvatch's Kommando: blognonymo.us. With Kvatch's approval, of course!
Damn it!

I stepped on one of them!

I am sorry, kvatch...

He, or she, has been bandaged up and placed back on his tape! He, or she, must have been doing a bit of reconnaissance...

Again...my apologies.

If you need an extra let me know and I'll go out and buy a bag...:>)
I love these! If I had more time, I'd be soooo tempted to do similar here.
Thanks all. Hope the Kommandos last the day. My experience has been that once they're in the field the don't last long.

Julien, don't worry about the attribution. My guys already have a little "K.K." on the back, but please feel free to choose your own moniker. (Course if you want to make yours "Kommandos", please go ahead :-) ).
Hey, did you see we got mentions in the SFist? Cool.
I did, but I don't know what SFist is. Never heard of it before yesterday. Should I be checking it out more regularly?
Maybe. I got a whole lot of hits from the link to my picture, so there seem to be a lot of people reading it.
More reinforcements have arrived. (I tried to make this a link to the post at my site, but it didn't work.)
Generik presently...stay tuned...

Tom, checked my stats, and you're right I've had maybe 15 references of my own from SFist.
This could get big!!!!I'm out to buy army men.
Excellent Kvatch, what a great idea. Kind of like a micro highway blogger.
Very smart. This idea is going to catch on.
LoC, I actually surf the Freeway Blogger quite frequently and along with Jay Lassiter, he's sort of the inspiration for this.

Blake, we've got at least two other bloggers in the Bay Area putting out their own "Kommandos" and a number of others around the country picking up on the idea.
It deserved more than the comment box. I just posted the link. Thanks.
Looks like your guys might establish a beach head here in Austin, TX...
It took me forever to muster my army!!! Trips to KMart even the dreaded Wal Mart but I finally found them at the Arroyo Grande Dollar Store. I am going to arm them today with " HELP ME!! Bring me home from Iraq and Afghanistan". and tomorrow we will invade the Avila Blues Festival.
Thanks for a great idea. Our Lady of...
Our lady of... many thanks for the kind words. Wasn't really my idea, but we're glad to have you on board. Check out the Kommandos Project where 40 of us bloggers are placing our pictures and stories.
I am totally in support of these efforts! Inspired!
Vigilante, thanks for stopping by. I thought you might like this protest.

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