Kvatch Kvetches - Redistricting In Texas Will Stand

Many late nights of work; Really too tired to be creative today; Hopefully back in the saddle tomorrow. In the meantime here are some random thoughts that have been languishing in my post queue:

On Texas' Redistricting Court Battle:
With Tom Delay's impending resignation from the House, and more importantly his getting out of the spotlight while his trial continues, the pressure will be off, and the Texas court that is examining DeLay's gerrymandering will let it stand.

On the "Nuke Iran" Hullabaloo:
Conservative pundits are predicting a Bush popularity surge with an attack on Iran, and the blogsphere is filling up with predictions of an "October Surprise", but I disagree. With the polls where they are, I think that a strike on Iran will do Bu$hCo in, and if it's nuclear strike, the administration will go down faster than one of Cheney's hunting partners.

Whatever happened to the 'Party of Lincoln'?
It's gone. Doesn't exist anymore. All that's left is are the Neoconicans, and the few remaining Republican's are trying to figure out how to jump ship with their souls intact.


Whatever happened to the 'Party of Lincoln'?

It died during Reconstruction. It's now been recast as the party of Fear, Loathing and Self-love.
Lincoln who?
Hell I am just wondering what ever happened to "conservatism".

Our government is larger than ever, we are spending more money than ever, and we are borrowing more money that ever.

Meanwhile Bush wants to keep the tax cuts permament AND is asking Congress to cut spending.

But instead of cutting spending where it needs to be cut, they will cut what they deem to be "entitlement" programs like student loans, prescription drug help for seniors, health care, and public education.

Meanwhile $8 Billion is still missing in Iraq somewhere.

And at the end of the day THEY are going to tell ME that I need to pay more taxes and tighten my belt because "we" spent too much money.

Well I didn't spend shit! The Bush administration did! I want my money back!!!
Lincoln has been co-opted so many times, it hurts American history. It's like flogging the nine eleven monkey. Sooner than later, the idiom no longer stands for anything.
I think you're right about Iran, and that's just in the speculative stage. Given the Bush administration's capacity for doing the wrong thing and then doing it badly, the best thing Bush can do for his popularity is just keep a low profile, stay home, chill, have some pretzels are do nothing.
hmm i'm confused about the texas thing. isn't the supreme court currently looking at the gerrymandering as a violation of the provisions of the 1965 voting rights act as it applies to "suspect states"?

if i remember correctly, they heard the case early this year and should be releasing a decision later this month or early in may, so it's not up to a texas court under the political influence (former or current) of mr. delay. (not that this implies that certain members of our "court of last appeal" aren't under the thumb of the dubya administration to just as great an extent)
Yeah, what happened to the Party of Bush, Senior?

I predicted this administration would be the worst ever. Still, they managed to be far worse than I expected.
There was a little piece from John Harwood in the WSJ where he wrote that some Republicans feel an attack against Iran will create a voter backlash against the GOP.

Here's hoping...
get some sleep, breaks are good
It IS the Supremes looking it over, and frankly there's no telling what they might do. And the three-judge panel that originally heard the case is made up of Federal judges, including a former Democratic Secretary of State, so no overt political pressure there, either. After the 1990 redistricting, the court's actually made the state run primary elections under one map and the general election under another. I was working for the Attorney General at the time and let me tell you, THAT was fun!
If I had to guess, I would say the Supremes might say redistricting can only happen once per decade, might even call this "partisan gerrymandering," but will probably not throw out the DeLay plan. If they do, all hell breaks loose and leadership of the House of Representatives will be determined here.
You mean there are Republicans who's souls I haven't collected? I must not be doing my job-don't let Him find out!
The right has found the formula for cookie cutter outrage and wedge issues by design. Once enough people glom on to what they are doing (and that is happening already) they will be able to pass legislation and make things happen. Sort of like a 3rd rate magician, people are catching on to their act and are no longer amazed or convinced.
Hey Stranger and Local Crank...thanks for the corrections. I thought that it was in the Texas state court, but like I said these were just thoughts rolling around in my post queue--not well-formed.

Zen Yenta, R-BE - Hoping for a backlash, thinking it will happen, but of course the problem is that we have to have an attack on Iran, which I don't want.
Maybe they can make it a 'September Surprise' instead. Say, on the 11th. Then they can use one talking point to defend another!
The Texas Legislative Redistricting, controlled by the GOP, refused to even try to pass a Congressional redistricting plan. Since Texas is under the Voting Rights, it was then up to a panel of three federal judges to write a plan, which they did. Several commentators at the time were surprised that the Board didn't lift a finger; we found why later, when the GOP took control of the Legislature and implemented the DeLay Plan to abolish Democracy and punish rural voters for daring to vote Democratic.

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