Josh Bolten Had A Really Tough First Day

The Bu$hCo Prior To Her SinkingWashington (f-A-ke P) - Signaling a possible shake-up among President Bush's senior advisers, the new White House chief of staff announced, "I shall now proceed to rearrange the deck chairs."

Washington (f-A-ke P) - After rearranging the deck chairs, new White House chief of staff Josh Bolten expects smooth sailing ahead.

Halifax (f-A-ke P) - At 1:20 AM this morning the Bu$hCo, purportedly the unsinkable ship of state, struck an iceberg in the shape of Iran and went down with all hands. The steamers Republicrat and Neoconican are searching for survivors.

New York (f-A-ke P) - The steamer Neoconican reports many casualties from the loss of the unsinkable Bu$hCo. Although many first-class passengers made it to the lifeboats, almost no steerage passengers survived the tragedy. Administration spokesperson Scott McClellan remarked, "Well, if the steerage passengers had simply invested in their Frigid Arctic Waters Savings Accounts (FAWSA), generously offered to them aboard the Bu$hCo, more would have survived."

Many thanks to the Reality-based Educator for the interchange that led to this foolishness.


Well, that's real nice that they're shifting the shit around a little bit. Maybe they can move some of the piles down wind.
Naw, neil the smell is so bad now that it'll take decades to get rid of it.

Bush was tv a bit ago talking about his new guy to head some dept. (who cares any more?) And bush was asked about rummy. Bush went off on how good rummy was and all. The reporter asked something about did bush listen to the ret. generals who are pissing on Rummy. Bush said he listened to all voices but when it came down to it, "I am the "decider".
Rearranging the deck chairs?

HE really said that?

I vote for Scott McClellan to be Billy Zane
Scott McClellan is the poor bell hop that keeps running into bigger and smarter people than he or his bosses are. How does this story end? Hmmmmm....
Rearranging his deck chairs. Thanks for the sardonic giggle. I needed it.
Fun! But sad to think we are all in this ship together...
Rearranging the deck chairs? HE really said that?

:-) What do you think?

Echrai, you're very welcome, but really it's the Reality-based Educator as well. He got me started on this tear.

Denisdekat, I feel your pain man. I'm definitely on of those poor schmucks in steerage.
Is W or Boltin really as good as Martha Stewart when it comes to deciding where the deck chairs should go? Hell, I don't think so, but W says, " I'm the decider, and I decide what is best." Result: The good Ship America goes down with him.
Watching the presser to announce the Portman appointment this morning, I noticed that Bushie only seemed to perk up when he got talking about why gas prices are so high.

So even when Bushie's rearranging the deck chairs, he still only get excited when he's talking about oil!

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