Dr. Hugo (Evil) Chavez

Dr. Hugo 'Evil' ChavezApril 19th, f-A-ke. P. (Caracas) -

In response to persistent rumors of US designs on Venezuela's oil fields, President Hugo (Evil) Chavez said Wednesday -
I've got pescados--pescados with frickin' lasers on their heads. These little pendejos will swim for the revolution and destroy our oil fields if you attack us.
US State Department officials could not immediately be reached for comment.

(Yeah, I know that that most of Venezuela's oil is in the so-called "Orinoco Belt" and is not offshore, but I just couldn't resist. HT to Denisdekat for the inspiration.)


fAke P - heh heh heh.
Viva Hugo Chavez!!!
"fAke P"
...is that anything like Routers?
Fred...just like it. :-)
Hehe, chevere!
Flowers and oil!
Watchale, senor, los pescos sin ojos.
Watchale aguas sin frecas.
Miralo, miralo, donde esta el savior de la pais de Venezuela?
That's the way froggy. If you can't beat them with the truth, at least get the world laughing at them.
Bush can't even assassinate foreign leaders right.
lasers on their heads!! holy shit, i bet they are a half an hour away from destroying LA!!! we have to preemptively take him out
He makes me laugh. I love when he said he knew Condi wanted him, but that he couldn't bring himself to seal the deal. He may be crazy at times, but anyone that calls Bush a pendejo in public has mega cajones.
Graeme, if I could get an army of pescados with frickin' lasars on their heads to go after LA, I'd do it in a second. (Sorry Crackpot, Helne, and Alicia).

Pinkfem...too...much...Spanish! Got a translation for those of us with dain bramage?

Kathleen, I actually find Chavez amusing as well, in addition to being very cunning. So consider this post to be an homage.
You have brain damage, too?

Lets start a "BrainDamagedBlogNetwork....?"

The BDBN of friends... Hey... I think I might have something there.

" He may be crazy at times"

Why do people say this? Just because he has a differnet ideology, and believes it, does not make him crazy. He is actually very smart, has survived one US coup attempt and has befriended China big time (making it even harder to take him out). He knows how to play the oil card right, and knows how to play the Media. He calls condi Condolence in spanish, which is super funny (when you understand Spanish)...
You have brain damage, too?

TPM, when you have as few brain cells as I do, it's like having brain damange all the time. :-)

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