Don't Want Illegal Surveillance? Cut NSA's Funding!

Senator Arlen Specter (R PA) may mount a novel attack on Bu$hCo's illegal use of NSA for domestic surveillance: He wants to cut the agency's funding. Speaking to reporters yesterday, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee stated that the Senate has the authority to choke off the money if the Bush administration doesn't come clean on how the program works and whether it complies with privacy rights guaranteed in the Constitution.

More power to you Senator, but here is the conundrum, Congress has always had this power. They simply haven't been willing to use it. Though I dare say that if the Democrats win a majority in the upcoming mid-terms, using the "power of the purse" maybe the only option for dealing with Bu$hCo.


I don't think Specter has the will to take on Bu$hCo, no matte rhow weakened the preznit is. Specter's a good talker, but so far, he's backed down on every showdown he's had w/ the administration, whether it's over the NSA domestic spying program or Supreme Court Justices who want to overturn Roe.

That's the problem with moderate GOPers like Specter, Collins, Snowe, et al. When push comes to shove, they back down to the bullies on the right. I wish this weren't the case, but I think Specyer, Collins, Snowe, et al are full of shit.

But I hope I'm wrong!
I would be more likely to think it was a good idea if it was proposed by another source, but I wouldn't trust much of anything he says.

I guess the idea has merit, though.

They just funds from Iraq spending, but I bet it'll translate to hurting the troops there rather than cutting any pork... just seems to be the way things work these days.
R-bE, Kathleen, of course you're both right. Specter can't be trusted to follow through. But as I said, imagine how "the power of the purse" could be wielded by Democrats if they're lucky enough to get the Senate back. The possibilities...
What Reality Based Educator said.

But yeah, if we win back the Senate...all bets are off.
They should use their power with the full weight of the law they should have upheld before such great loss of life! There's complicity to go around! Pass me the damn salt!
I also have my doubts about whether or not Specter has the 'nads to go thru with it, but I'm glad he's at least proposed it.

If the Dems take back Congress, I'll be expecting this and more. In fact, I'll go into an ear-splitting snit if they don't completely hobble Bush with Congressional hearings up the wazzoo.
I agree with betty cracker - I'm glad Specter has proposed it. And he does at least question the administration on issues rather than just play dead like some of the other Republicans.
Howsabout we be more definative and say..."When the democrats win back congress...."
Howsabout we be more definative and say..."When the democrats win back congress

There's a positive note to end the work-week on! Thanks Windspike.
Sigh. Leave it to the liberals to use a purse as a weapon!

P.S. Frog, be forewarned...you have been chosen as SG's next "Focus on the Freedom-Hating Blog!" Starting Sunday, be prepared for your comments section to be filled with those who love their country more than you (by my count, that's just about everyone.)
Good job, Arlen. Even if you're a relatively ineffective guy, you are at least planting the seed of an idea in a good number of people.
The last time I can remember "the power of the purse" being used like this was to end our involvement in Vietnam. Congress could come up with no other way other than to stop funding for the war. It worked. But like you've stated above, ole Arlen will cave to pressure before he cuts off funding for anything this adminstration wants to do. So Arlen, pull down your pants, bend over and take it like a man. That's one way to show you who really is in charge. And it is not you.
Good idea, but he's just blowin' smoke up Bush's ass.
Isn't Specter the one with cancer? What has he got to lose...everyone will just cut him slack because he's sick and pay any attention.
Specterism n. A threat to stand up to Bush that is never meant to be acted upon and withdrawn at the very first opportunity.
P.S. Frog, be forewarned...you have been chosen as SG's next "Focus on the Freedom-Hating Blog!"

Oh Rex my patriotic compadre, you can't scare me. I'm ready for the onslaught. So, in the words of KKoK, "Bring it on!"

Sumo, don't think you're correct on that one, but liek that he's doing something--even if it's nothing more than planting the seed for the Democrats. It's like Fred says...engaging in a "Specterism".

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