The DARPA iPod?

So with his administration swirling down the bowl, one wonders where Bush can look now for accomplishments in the run up to the midterms? Well, how about Apple Computer? Sure enough, in a speech at Tuskegee University, Bush highlighted how DARPA funded research was responsible for the iPod.

"Say what," Mr. President? Did you forget about all of those foreign manufacturers like Hitachi and Toshiba that developed the micro-drives? Did you forget about the Fraunhofer Institute, inventor of the most successful audio compression technology of all time, the MP3? Or how about Sony, who worked with Apple to develop their own AC3 compression?

Perhaps Bush believes that if he gets in good with Jobs, Steve will project his trademark "reality distortion field" over the administration to obscure it's many, Many, MANY failures.


Gore was closer to the truth when he took credit for the internet.

Happy Earth Day.
Happy Earth Day.

Thanks Kathleen.

Regarding Gore, at least DARPA really did contribute something to the Internet. It didn't used to be called ARPANET for nothing. :-)
I love it - instead of creating a band wagon, the W, Rove and Co is trying to jump on Jobs' band wagon...and just as he is possibly poised to take over Disney - another one of the global corporatocracy elite agencies...Zioks, I've been reading too much Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. Must wash brain tonight.
The things that Bush says never cease to bewidler and amaze me. I sit back and just think "did he just say that"!? It appears there is nothing this administration won't say - whether true or, most likely, false, or at the very least, twisted.
If only we could turn back time and Jobs could create a graphical asstard interface whereby users can click their scary faces and make them dissappear.

Kvatch, dear frog, happy earth day. And thanks for your bold comments elsewhere about gas prices.

This afternoon a woman was complaining and I noticed she was drinking a four dollar latte'. Price can be a perplexing demon. Come visit me at Blue Republic tomorrow. Shameless plug as frogs say!
Kvatch, dear frog, happy earth day. And thanks for your bold comments elsewhere about gas prices.

Lily, happy "uncorked" Earth Day to use as well. Yeah, I did go a little overboard on that one, didn't I? BTW, I will drop by.
Huh, and I thought only private industry could create anything?
Apple is fighting bloggery. But blogs are the juggernaut...

Thanks for the promo.

Gotta get to bed if I'm going to wake up in time to hear Russert lie to the world some more.

Night all.

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