Bush's Lament

I went to find my legacy
To the pundits who said with glee
My administration's full of crooks
Liars, charlatans, and schnooks

I want to find my legacy
But congress says they will not see
Fit to pass my bills and laws
They're too expensive, full of flaws

I need to find my legacy
But SCOTUS says I am not free
To wield my power as I please
Jail and torture, lie with ease

I cannot find my legacy
And teachers say they all agree
For these reasons, through the ages
I'll not be found in history's pages

Poetic Responses:
EPM's Proverb
Snave's Foursome of Couplets
Betty Cracker's Nursery Rhyme
And a bonus--Betty Cracker gives us Green Eggs and Hamas!


No, I'm certain he'll be found. Twenty to forty years from now under the section entitled "modern America's Dark Age"
totally agree with echrai. He might also be found under the section titled "America's Worst President Ever". I wish we could take him out of history's pages...
To salvage your legacy
Is no easy trick.
It would have been better
If you weren't such a pr---

Perhaps it's your legacy,
Your own special fame,
To go down in hist'ry
A model of shame.

Or faith be your legacy,
A proverb for all
That first there is Pride
And then comes the Fall.

(Prov. 16:18-19)
Epm - Sweet! Now where's The Poetry Man to put the rest of us amatures to shame? Or perhaps Snave to give us a limerick on the subject? :-)
Damn, that was a good poem Kvatch.
S-A...thank you sir. If you want more, check out the BlognonyVERSE on the side there.

I'm not in The Poetry Man's league, I think. But I do try and seem to have a talent for haiku, even if I do say so myself.
Bush is lost in his daydreams of glory, while Rome burns.
His legacy includes be so many mistakes that cataloguing them could fill a blog.
Long live the BlognonyVERSE!
Blognonyverse! Blognonyverse! Blognonyverse!
Future generations will recall
You were much by far the worst of all
You have proven you are so unfit
Thus your legacy will just be shit

Giving too much power to stupid jerks
Never learning how things really work
Giving such discredit to your branch
Shouldn't you just go back to the ranch?
Scary, scary and quite contrary
That's how Bush's legacy will go.

With no gas in our tanks,
Levees flooding over their banks,
And burned out Blackhawks in a row.
Betty...welcome! Love the verse. Now that we've got an example of a excellent Bu$hCo nursery rhyme, puts me in the mood for...maybe...some Dr. Suess?
Oooh, I love Dr. Suess. Here's one:

Green Eggs and Hamas

Bush I am.
I am Bush.
And I’ve got a war in Iraq to push.

That Bush-I-am!
That darn George Bush!
I don’t want any war he would push!

But Saddam is evil!
He’s really bad.
He once tried to kill my dad!

But Bush-I-am,
What about Osama?
Isn’t Afghanistan enough of a drama?

C’mon chicken Dem, try it!
You will see!
You will like a war in Arabee!

Saddam is a tyrant --
He has W-M-D.
Do you want to let him nuke you and me?

Just let me bomb him in Baghdad!
The people will welcome us and be really glad!

No, Bush-I-am, don’t bomb Baghdad.
You’ll kill thousands of civilians and make people mad.

Let me strafe Basra, Tal Afar and Fallujah!
My good old fundamentalist supporters will shout hallelujah!

No, Bush-I-am – you’ll set the world on fire!
You’ll bankrupt the treasury and have to raise taxes higher.

But Wolfie says Iraq’s oil will pay for the war.
They’ll shower us with flowers, you silly old bore!

I’ll send Colin to the UN with some PowerPoint slides.
I’ll question your patriotism, I’ll make you choose sides.

It will all work out – you will soon see.
The Iraqis will be grateful and as glad as can be.

Freedom is on the march, as I told you before.
So shut up and sign here to let me wage war.

From Tehran to Riyahd to the Nile’s shining shore
From the West Bank to Gaza, to Pakistan and Lahore.

The evildoers hate freedom, but you wait and see.
Sewing democracy with bombs will be my legacy!
In 50 years he will have an entire section of history to himself. He will be known as the man who drug America down into the status of a destroyed "super power."

He's failed at every job he's ever had and being president hasn't been any different. In fact, it's the job he's f***ked up the most!!

Thanks George!! It's going to take a life time or more to clean up all the huge piles of elephant sh*t that you have left behind.

As a young historian I am already salivating.
He will be known as the man who drug America down into the status of a destroyed "super power."

That's interesting isn't it? It took 4 monarch and 125 years of oppressive rule to bring, "The Empire Upon Which the Sun Never Sets," down. For the United States it will take 8 years and one President.

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