Another Day, Another Meme

Tom Hilton memed me last night. So here are my responses to the "The Alphabet Meme":

Accent - Nobody can tell, but Pacific Northwest comes up frequently enough
Booze - Vodka martini, usually dirty, occasionally slutty (dirty with pepper vodka)
Chore I Hate - Household fixit jobs
Dog or Cat - Neither, with the exception of the frogette, nothing that depends on me for life
Essential Electronics - iPod and more laptops than you can shake a stick at
Favorite Cologne - Can't touch the stuff (way bad allergies)
Gold or Silver - Silver
Hometown - El Paso, Texas but Babylon by the Bay is home
Insomnia - Never
Job Title - Staff Computer Security Engineer
Kids - None (see dogs and cats)
Living Arrangements - Flat with the little frogette
Most Admirable Traits - Blatent honesty and willingness to live my principles
Number of Sexual Partners - Bwahahahahah! Oh, you're serious...
Overnight Hospital Stays - Yup, a few
Phobias - Airplane turbulence, drowning
Quote - "Where love is concerned, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose."
Religion - Agnostic (it's the only logically defensible position)
Siblings - One younger brother
Time I Wake Up - 5:00a
Unusual Talent or Skill - The freakish ability to estimate...anything (cost, time, effort, whatever...)
Vegetable I Love - Spinach (ironic considering I hated it as a kid)
Worst Habit - Challenging authority (even when there's no reason to)
X-Rays - Sure...what? Couldn't think of anything else for "X"
Yummy Foods I Make - Hungarian Goulash
Zodiac Sign - Picses, but more importantly...Year of the Dragon

And for my tag, I choose the Zen Yenta and Betty Cracker. Gimme links to your answers ladies, and I'll post 'em here.


Um, Interesting. Goulash? Slutty vodka?

You rascal you.
You like to live on the edge.
What fun! I played along at http://bettycracker.typepad.com/my_weblog/2006/04/memes_r_us.html.
Ok..all done.

Now I better try to get some houshold crap done.
I assume you mean fresh spinach, which is surprisingly good, and not that canned crap because that sucked back then and it sucks now. I have a fond memory of sitting at the dinner table over a plate of cold spinach until bed time in a battle of wills with my father. My mother never served it again.

Pepper vodka is the one exception to my no-vodka-martinis rule. What kind of pepper vodka do you drink? I get this Ukrainian stuff called Nemiroff that's a honey-pepper vodka, and it makes a nice martini (especially with a twist); not as good with olives, though. I've also had some good results doing my own pepper-infused vodka (some with chiles, some with peppercorns). I really miss Pertsovka, though.
Ms. Cracker, Ms. Yenta, you ladies rock. Not 12 hours later...stupendous!

Julien...Canned?! Uggg! I remember that stuff. Used to hold it in my cheeks in the battle of wills with my mother. No, no fresh for me--raw, steamed, or my personal favorite...creamed with pepper or as Saag (Indian spinach).
Tom, I usually infuse it myself from whatever peppers I can put my hands on. Though, Farallon makes an infusion with chipotle that is to die for. For a pepper-vodka martini though, the proper garnish IMHO is a pair of coctail onions. Never use olives unless the martini is already "dirty". When I say a "slutty" martini that's a pepper-vodka, dirty martini. (Dirty + spicy = slutty).

What is "Pertsovka"? Never heard of it, but if it's a vodka I'd love to try it.
Pertsovka was Stolichnaya's pepper vodka, and it was great stuff--lovely, complex flavor. (Absolute Peppar, by way of contrast, was really harsh and one-dimensional.) Unfortunately, it appears they aren't making it anymore.

That's what motivated my experiments in pepper vodka. I was surprised at how good peppercorn-infused vodka could be, especially with a mix of black, white, and pink peppercorns. (Green peppercorns produced a really sharply flavored vodka that was virturally undrinkable in martinis but, oddly enough, made the best bloody marys ever.) I also played with chipotles, anchos, and arboles; generally, I found that doing single-chile batches and blending the results made for the best chile-infused vodka.

You should try Nemiroff. It's wonderful with lemonade (homemade, of course).
Gee, Tom, that sounds almost as good as soaking tequila in peyote, not that I've done that in a long time....can you send me a sample recipe??

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