What does the future hold for Condoleezza Rice?

A smart diplomat named C. Rice
With a president to entice,
Was the most servile sheep
And soon replaced the Veep.
On her rise to an office quite nice.

In honor of Blognonymous new compadre The Poetry Man. Check him out.

Responses in verse from:

The Poetry Man
Snave (the limerick master)
Yours Truly
And Snave again!


Although the limerick
Is not my cup of tea
I will add this
Upon your list
And then take leave of thee.

The president... George Bush
His tongue not so fresh
Dangles `bout death
And wrangles `bout God
Yet he's devil behind his flesh!
The PoetryMan is everywhere!!! I've never seen such blogwhoring!

Nice poems, though.

TPM, no reason it should be a limerick. All verse is welcome and appreciated. Thanks!
I love his writings..i go by his blog a few times a week..I haven't updated my links but he will be one of them.
O.K., I'm game! I'll try...

There once was a Rice, Condoleeza,
A champion Dubya appeeza.
She sucked up real big
To that gross asshole pig
And said to us all, "Here's your Caeza!"

The problem? She has yet to find,
You can't fool us all, all the time.
She's really a dolt and
Between her and Bolton,
They've made us a real Frankenstein.

The whole world hates us, that's for sure,
But Condi still comes off as pure!
I guess she don't think
That her shit ever stinks,
But for neocons' stench, there's no cure.

So here's to her fine intellect!
But we all need to be more direct.
We all need to tell her
She's with the wrong feller...
Let's just hope they aren't having sex.
Oh, my goodness
What did you know
Kvatch has the pulse
Of the entire show

Perhaps that is why
Press Reporters tried
To ferret out the truth
To only be fed another lie

See related post:
Rumsfeld, Rove, Bush, and Chaney
Consider Condi much to brainy
But as a loyal candidate
To crush the lefty's in 08
She's it, they can see all too plainly.
Bush is out humping his next war on Iran,
He's a thinking he needs a Real man,
Some speculatin' next VEEP will be McCain,
Cuz it can't be no Condi cuz she's a gal,
And cuz the Brokeback Prez needs a pal.
Ain't no matter,cuz it still gonna be someone Foul.

{{ the ones above are such a treat,
and too hot to beat...}}
They think that we all must be 'tards,
As they prepare to play the "race card".
"You won't vote for her?
That's a racial slur!"
This all must get Karl Rove quite hard...

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