Justice Terminated - Milosevic Dead

The fat tyrant died in his bed apparently of natural causes.

I'm trying to recall if a despot has ever been brought to justice in my lifetime. Pol Pot? No. Pinochet? Nope. Milosevic. No. Saddam? Well...not yet.


Hey, these Balkan Bastards are dropping like flies:

Manuel Noriega is the only one I can think of, although they got him on drug charges. As for Saddam, I'm surprised he's still alive kicking.
I think they are awaiting the installation of another new brach of the W, Rove and Co - Despot Justice Redistribution Program - where we relocate despots and serve them up with some Gitmo style justice.
There is now one less piece of scum getting three hots and a cot.
Hmm, all the above and more...

About the "Natural Causes"...I am wondering if Hanging or Poison also are in that same "diagnosis"...
Anita, welcome. Yup saw that. More than a coincidence?

Dusty, yeah, I know, but I would have like to seen him rot in jail for about another 20 years. I'd pay for it. No problem. And windspike has a point, though the humaitarian in me rebels, no degredation would have been too low for Milosevic.

E4E, like the new picture.
I agree with Enigma.. what well fed well taken care of person dies of "Natural Causes" at the age of 65.

He was murdered.
Exactly what I was thinking...thank you crackpot...
I wanted him to sit there and think about WHAT he did...for a very long time...

( KVatch, thanks- my son, the WS Art Director, picked it out- said that she "looks like a worried hippy"...hmmm, he has a point. )
Bush? Nope.

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