Integrity In Gambling Over Integrity In Elections

I've blogged before on the mounting evidence of election rigging in the US, but the question remains: Why are voters willing to put up with this? Why don't we demand safeguards for our most important obligation? Are we ignorant of the problem? Do we simply not care? Do we believe that it can't happen here?

Well, regardless of the answer, an interesting comparison by University of Pennsylvania professor, Steve Freeman demonstrates that our priorities are screwed up. Take a look...


Why? My guess is that it's because it's being spun as a partisan issue. Conservatives are thinking that they don't have to care--it's our problem.
Why are voters NOT rampaging against anything? That is the question that haunts me.
I dont know why conservatives bother to ban gambling especially online. maybe there protecting the United States. I can sort of understand. Try my sites www.mikeslotteryblog.com.
Serious outrage deficit...
Maybe they don't realize that they're gambling with their money as much in the voting booth as they are in the slot machine.
Look, if they can manage votes for corporate board elections by internet, why can't they open it up for the American voter. let's toss the electoral collage into the harbor with the boston tea.
I think we should combine the Diebold voting machine & the slot machine. Elections are basically a crap shoot these days anyway. Why not have some fun America?
Great comments all, but I think Fashiongirl summed it up.

Perhaps we should combine the lottery with voting, might increase participation!
the only way to get people outraged at anything is to tell them they are going to bring back the draft.

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