Admit It...Bloggers Are Sexy

You always knew it to be true but didn't want to admit it to yourself...you read blogs because you find bloggers to be witty, intelligent, and desirable. Well, studies now prove that blogs are sexy, and bloggers are more interesting than their non-blogging brethren.

So read Blognonymous folks. It will turn you into a googly-eyed, fly-catching, news-slinging, sexy beast in no time.

(And this is a lesson in desperately trying to come up with something for the East Coast readers before you hit the sack. Thanks to the Democratic Daily for the assistance.)



cute pic..you and the missus? does she know she is on the internet?

I do find bloggers sexy..not all..but most.
Dusty, actually I pulled that pic (without attribution...I'm so ashamed) from Frogs-gone-Wild. www.frogsgonewild.com.
You got me Kvatch. That's exaclty why I blog and read your blog. To improve upon my already wonton sexuality. And some times, when I am feeling particularly blue about the current geopolitical climate across the US and the greater globe for that matter, I blog naked.
I've seen shameless self promotion before, but c'mon.

See, for me, the relationship between blogging and activism is like the relationship between radio and TV.

If I had the "face" for it, I'd be on TV.

I blog naked.

Windspike...that is such an overshare!

If I had the "face" for it, I'd be on TV.

Mike, if I had the face, I'd be on Sesame Street instead of that frickin' poser Kermit! :-)
How long will it take to turn me into a googly-eyed, fly-catching, news-slinging, sexy beast? I've been reading Blognonymous religiously for several days now and it hasn't happened yet. But then I live on the East Coast...does it take longer?

Anxious in New York
Leslie, East Coast, huh? That explains it. The process does take longer since you're not a crunchy, Left Coast, granola-head kook to start with. I'm a frog after all, not a miracle worker. Patience. :-)
KVatch, sorry to overly expose myself in the comments:=) I do apologize.
I recently took a "seven deadly sins" test, and besides ranking high in Sloth, I was pretty far up there in Lust. Now THAT'S SEXY! Heh!

I'll shamelessly plug my weblog and let you know that I posted my results with links to the site where you can take the "seven deadly sins" test if you want to try it yourself. Another test there is the one to see which level of Dante's hell you are most likely to reside in... I am likely doomed to find myself in level 6, The City of Dis!

And damn if THAT isn't sexy, TOO!!
I was in Canto 8 I think, Snave... definitely high up there in the sinning dept.!

Well, I know I for one am sexy. So there's that. But then, maybe I'm just a narcissist.
Ai yai yai!!

Well, if narcissism is one of those sins people like to talk about, I'm as guilty as anyone. Heh...
Hey, Kvatch! Thanks for dropping the link on me. I always enjoy pictures of amplexus.
Doug...my pleasure!

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