Why Blame It All On Cheney?

Greg Mitchell over at Editor & Publisher has some pointed questions about the role of the alleged president in his supposed subordinate's recent misadventure with a shootin' iron. For instance (but you should really follow the link and read the whole thing):

According to the White House, in its updated timeline, Bush found out that Cheney was the triggerman about 8 p.m. Saturday (from Karl Rove)—and yet in all of the accounts, many conflicting, of how the story emerged the next day, the president is never mentioned as having any role in the disclosure.

The ranch hostess/chief witness Katharine Armstrong first told us that she and her mother made the decision to go public of their own “volition, ” as she put, on Sunday morning, leading to the now-famous phone call to the Corpus Christi newsroom. Later she said that she had run the idea past Cheney on Sunday morning and he approved it, or at least said it was up to her.

Now the official narrative is that he discussed it with her Saturday night and they directed the disclosure “together.”

Note in all this: no mention of the president. What we seem to know for certain is that his press secretary was not told about Cheney’s role until 6 a.m. on Sunday.

In other words, if we accept the White House version of events, Bush was informed about 8 p.m. Saturday—and did not inform his press secretary until the next morning, did not talk to his vice president, in fact, did not seem to have any input on telling or holding the story.

So why isn’t Bush getting hammered for that? Why is so much of the focus on Cheney? The president of the United States, in this version, heard about his veep shooting a man in the face and chest and did not direct him or anyone else to report this to the nation? In fact, based on her original quotes, we might assume that we would have never heard about it at all if Katharine Armstrong had not tipped off the local reporter.

Here are just a couple of off the cuff, on the fly theories about why Preznit Dimwit isn't being questioned harder about this incident and his non-role in it -- for one, you'd have to have a real press corps for that, one that would ask real questions and demand real answers (kind of the exact opposite of what Fox News has been doing for the past five-plus years). For two, you'd have to believe that George Bush really is the Man In Charge, and not just some cheap ventriloquist's dummy with a certain VP's hand up his ass. Gee, folks, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but...

In related news... is it possible that there may have been alcohol involved in this explosive mishap?!? Heaven forfend!!


Meh! Hey G, I have to say that Cheney is getting a bigger share of the bad press than Bush, not just because he is the one who did the shooting but because he IS probably the REAL top dog in our governmental scheme of things. Sigh... Plus, the press tends to protect Dumbya, in my opinion. Even if the doofus doesn't like to acknowledge or act on information very quickly, even when it's like, uh, important stuff! Maybe there is alcohol involved at the White House. Again, heaven forfend! 8-)>

And isn't it fitting that Cheney did his interview on FOX "News", with Brit Hume? Ick.
What we have is Bush following a pattern, of failing to do anything.
Hijacked planes flying around on 9/11, where's Bush? Sitting down and reading "My Pet Goat".....
Hurricane Katrina striking the Gulf Coast, where's Bush? Strumming a guitar at a Republican fundraiser....
Bush isn't government in action, Bush is goverment inaction.
Just to lighten the mood. Not that I would ever enourage anyone to click away from Blognonymous, but...while were all writing verse and being serious about this Cheney thing, Rex Kramer, Danger Seeker is writing music.

Ya just gotta click over and read it.
What we have is Bush following a pattern, of failing to do anything.
Hijacked planes flying around on 9/11, where's Bush? Sitting down and reading "My Pet Goat".

Lew, Tom you guys are too harsh.

Come on Bush put down "My Pet Goat" as soon as he heard and sat still thinking (sweating, something) for a whole 5 minutes. Now if that isn't "Presidential", I'm not sure what is.
Yup, this incident should shatter for once and for all any myth of GWB being the president, or being anything other than a cheap dummy with someone's hand up its ass (good description).

Whose hand? I don't know if it's Cheney's, or if The Dick is just another dummy who's slightly higher up in the hierarchy. There's so much secrecy and sleaze going on in that administration, it's hard to tell who's actually running things. Maybe the strings are being pulled by someone we've never heard of.
Hey, there's also a great quote from a rawstory piece on the doctor's press conference in Corpus today. (last line)

"The last question of the press conference was whether or not Whittington's blood alcohol had ever been tested. The response: "No comment.""


Isn't, "Judge he needed killin" still considered a plausible defense by Texans? I'm just saying...
Does one beer count?
Dubya and Cheney are finks
And this whole hunting accident stinks
It's a matter of fact
Dubya's slow to react,
No matter what anyone thinks

So Bush heard the news of his Veep,
And proceeded to get him some sleep!
After eight hours of snoozin'
To help sleep off the boozin'
He still hadn't uttered a peep!

The biggest political slut
Isn't really the Prez, he's a nut
He whinnies and whimpers
and bitches and simpers
With Dick Cheney's hand up his butt
Snave, you sling the verse like a master, and I am honored to be in your company. My own poor response:

For birds that could not fly
Dick thought to give a try
Levelled his gun
At Whittington
And plugged him in the eye.

As for the alcohol issue, I have it on good authority that alcohol is always a part of hunting. Why do you think they call them beer hunters.
I like this snave, have to say.
good one snave!
Excellent verse Snave and Kvatch.

I agree that this incident nicely underscores what a lot of us have known for a long time, Cheney is "The Man Who is President". The book Crossing the Rubicon does a great job of showing how Cheney and his corporate empire have been suckling at the teet of power for decades. GW Bush was the perfect front man, Rove was the perfect tactician...

It's the Ocean's 11 Presidency. The Campaign was just the first score.
Good post.

Lots of folks have been speculating that this is meant to toss Cheney under the bush and allow a new GOPer like Guliani in as VP?

I dont know though, that seems so transparent, doesn't it? But then again, the media ARE gullible, just look how they believed every goddamned thing that old bag Armstrong (who owned the ranch) said about the incident, even though she changed her story like 5 times.

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