Run Hillary Run... Or Maybe Not

OK, time to commit heresy... The GOP noise machine is moving into high gear against Hillary Clinton and her, as yet unannounced, run at the presidency. Ken Mehlman, the RNC Chairman had some choice words for Clinton during his appearance on ABC's The Week:
Whether it's the comments about the plantation or the worst administration in history, Hillary Clinton seems to have a lot of anger.
Forget for the moment that the plantation comment was first uttered by Newt Gingrich. Forget that Mehlman is a man for whom the term "Clown Shoes" is too generous a description. Mehlman is despicable, but I want him to succeed.

I do not want Hillary Clinton to be the the Democratic standard bearer in 2008, and here's why: Senator Clinton has many admirable--no, actually outstanding--qualities. She will make a top notch Chairman of the Judiciary Committee someday. But she waffles between Republican-lite and far-left incoherence often enough that I can't see her formulating an appealing progressive agenda for 2008. No, we need some fresh leadership. A Feingold, a Kaine. The Clinton era was wonderfully successful, but its done; its tactics are done; and it's time to move on.


OOH..the first to comment..I am blessed..

I dont want Hillary..I still want Gore..does that make me sick or what?
I've read a couple of interesting articles lately dealing with the Hilary issue. I would absolutely deem her lately as Republican-lite. I even wrote a small little article dealing with it at canofworms. I also read a nice little article about Gore. Tell you what, the way he's been lately, he is strongly embraceable.
I'm seriously doubting that Chenney, Bush, and Rove will be willing to give up the power they've spent years to garner.
If (and forgive my conspiratorial dogma),
there is indeed a shred of truth to the rumors the election was rigged, all bets are off. Besides, as you get higher in the elite political power structures, their true seperation gets blurred.
Kaine? Too fresh. Warner-yes. Watch out for him.
No Hillary — check.

Maybe Feingold — check.

But Kaine in 2008? The guy who gave the most uninspired SOTU rebuttal in recorded history, the Mr. Rogers wannabe who seemed on the verge of asking, "Kids, can you spell 'we can do better' " — that Kaine?

Kvatch, we need to talk.

ps.btw not to rub it in, but who called it right on the Super Bowl in the face of overwhelming, unmitigated, persecutions?

*HEY Abi, watch it! Kaine's from MY neck of the woods....
He may be kinda dorky, but a lovable dorky, and such a refreshing change from the arrogance....
Here's the thing: KAINE is a dork, but the speech writer was clearly speaking to some valid enduring criticisms of the dems. I liked the speech, like a hungry dog likes broccoli.

Excessive bureaucracy and big government? No, service, and look at your deficit,asswipes.

We need that kinda trashtalking. The preschool kind.
Come on! With the powder blue suit, 3 strand Jackie pearls, and helmet hair. She's not fit for any other job! Prez it is. If only to see Bill licking HER boots.

don't you girls got better,more productive things to do ..

You know, like cleaning, baking. Hey, what's for supper?

hee hee
aj - sorry, meant no offense. I just thought his rebuttal was the same old tired rhetoric, delivered badly.

Lily - I'd say the rebuttal was more like strained broccoli, like Gerber's. This is an outrageous administration, and the SOTU was full of the usual lies and distortions. The rebuttal should have been tough and blunt.

Anyway, 2008 is a long way off. By then, Rex Kramer could be the Repub's candidate. Won't matter who the Dems put out there then — no one'll beat the freedom-loving Danger Seeker.
But see here's the dilemma- it seems that we would have trashed just about ANYONE and anything. I've asked this many times-who would have done better? How much could have been compacted into a short span of time?

We may be opinionated but I think our criticisms are sometimes to our detriment because at the end of the day, they are there and ours are, well, further away.
Although I think Hillary has a lot going for her, I don't want her to run because she would mobilize the Clinton-haters like nobody's business. There is a sizable group of people that feel about the Clintons, well - the way I feel about the KKofK. A visceral, red-hot burning loathing. Heck, all that right-wing radio hate-mongers need to do to light up the phone board is whisper the word "Hillary" and the foaming and frothing commences.

Right now, I like Al Gore, but I don't know if he's electable. I do know that he's a smart, honest (for a politician) guy who we actually know something about, who has been in the Executive branch, has relationships with world leaders and somewhat of a clue. I'm not in love with anyone else yet.
Alrighty..i see I am not the only Gore fan..makes me happy..

Alicia is totally correct that the rightwing nutjobs would come out of the closet and into the voting booths if Hill was running..it would serve no purpose other than to mobilize the right.
She's for the death penalty. I can't get beyond that.
She's for the death penalty. I can't get beyond that.

This is America, man. Everybody's for the death penalty. Well...except for that cracker in Illinois, Ryan (?), commuted all of those death sentences and now he's on trial for corruption. Go figure.

Is it wrong to hope that Mehlman gets pushed out of the closet soon- like maybe a couple of months before the 2006 elections?
I say let Hillary keep running interference... attracting all the knuckle dragging, eye-popping, spittle-spewing venom of the RWEM (right wing echo machine). Then, after the whole garbage barge that is the Rovian Battle Star is moving in one direction, Sen. Obama steps up to the plate...

The more I see of this guy under pressure, the more I like him. He's a class act; not easilly provoked. And he's positioning himself (or is being positioned) in some rather high profile roles... should be battle tested and road ready by mid-late '07...
The "Rovian Battle Star,"! LOL. That's outstanding, and you're right Obama is a class act, but not quite ready yet. I like Feingold for 08, but that damn divorce is going to be a problem.
Russ is great. My only concerns are superstitious: When's the last time a sitting senator was elected president?

I still don't like Hillary as a presidential candidate, but would love to see her in the senate leadership. And I still like the idea of her drawing as much attention and flack from the venomous village idiots on the right.
I like Feingold for 08, but that damn divorce is going to be a problem.

Hopefully America is beyond that. Kerry's divorce didn't seem to bother the 60 million folks who voted for him. The divorce was just a matter of Kerry voting for his first wife before he voted against her.
I would love to see Hillary Clinton as the first woman President. I think it would be great.
Give it a try Hillary we want you to be our president. We'd like have a male first man.


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