Katrina - The Probe, The Potshots, The Party

The Probe Stopped Short

Everyone's aware that house Republicans will soon issue their report on the administration's failure to adequately respond to hurricane Katrina, and much is being made of the fact that the report appears not to be a whitewash despite Democrats refusal to take part in the investigation. But, while the MSM covers (to use the report's words) the "national failure", what is left out is the White House's stubborn refusal t provide documents to investigators; the Bush administration's stonewalling; the fact that few Homeland Security officials testified before the committee; and the fact that no specific person, especially not HS Secretary Michael Chertoff, has been held to account for the debacle.

Two Louisiana congressmen though, Charlie Melancon and William Jefferson, are raising these issues in the only paper that will print them, the Times-Picayune.

Bush Senior Angry At How the Kowboy Koward Was Treated

The former President is angry about perceived attacks on his son at Coretta Scott Kings funeral. Successive speakers obliquely assaulted the presidents policies pointing out the inequities of how Bus$Co goes about the business of running this country. First Rev. Joseph Lowery questioned our commitment of billions to the war but little to the poor. Then former President Jimmy Carter asked that the audience recall the faces of Katrina's victims.

Apparently Bush Sr. finds such remarks distasteful, forgetting that respect is earned...as is disrespect.

Revelers Make Light of the Tragedy

In a final swipe at the people who bungled the Katrina response, Krewe du Vieux mocked Ray Nagin, Kathleen Blanco, and others in their portion of the Mardi Gras parade--proving that despite terrible tragedy, compounded by the administration incompetence, the people of New Orleans can't be kept down.


Aw, Shrub Senior needs to have a word with their PARENTS!!! ASAP!
Regarding the King funeral, it's apparent now that Bush, Inc. had no idea who Coretta Scott King was. It seems to have come as a shock these people that she was a major activist for peace and for the poor... and it simply gave them the vapors that celebrating the life of such an activist would actually celebrate what she stood and fought for.

I can only guess that after years of exclusively appearing before staged, invitation only events, Bush and his white-bread glee club have permanently detatched from the world as lived by the other 95% of us.

What a perponderance of putzs...
That's what I thought, -EPM! I think shrub looked like he was in shock sitting there hearing what folks REALLY think about him and his sick-ass madministration. Apparently, CNN cut out the 25 second or so standing ovation Rev. Lowrey got.

Bush Sr.'s just a big asshole anyway. Who cares what that old puker says.
I'll be curious to see if Daddy Bush has anything to say about the disrespect Ann Coulter expressed at the Conservative Political Action Committee conference in Washington. She joke that our motto post-9-11 should be, "raghead talks tough, raghead faces consequences," and they gave her a boisterious ovation. I'm sure Moslems everywhere loved hearing that.

What a bunch of hypocrites.
She's disgusting. Really. Really disgusting.
Why is it that when I hear the name Ann Coulter I reflexively regurgitate a little bile in the back of my throat? (Crap, I did it again.)
Why is it that when I hear the name Ann Coulter I reflexively regurgitate a little bile in the back of my throat? (Crap, I did it again.)

Well...as the famous doctor once said, "If it hurts when you do that..." :-)

What I can't fathom is how the Bush (Senior or Junior) could have expected anything else. Who's funeral did they think that they were attending?
Who's funeral did they think that they were attending?

My point exactly. I'd die to have people giving my life's work a standing ovation at my funeral... OK. Poor choice of words.
I never saw the funeral (one of the drawbacks of no cable tv) but in the only picture I saw, Bush and Laura were sitting up on the dais like he was a fucking King or something which caused my head to wonder, "How many times did you have Ms. King to the White House, you chimpanzee?" To bad he doesn't go quail hunting with Cheney.
Lew, I saw that picture as well--Laura with her lips pursed so tight they practically disappeared.

As for Bush, now you know why he's always clearing brush on his ranch. So that he can see Cheney coming.
"lips pursed so tight they practically disappeared."

They have Preparation H for that sort of thing...

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