In Defense of Keeping Science and Spirituality Separate

Mike (of Can of Worms) had the second place entry in Blognonymous' "I Love My President Because..." contest, and as a prize, I offered to reprint a post of Mike's choosing. So without further adieu...

In Defense of Keeping Science and Spirituality Separate in American Classrooms

I am a firm supporter of the Bill of Rights. I hold all of my Constitutional rights very dear. I have no qualms with someone for believing or practicing any religion they deem to. I do, however, have a slight problem when people try to bring their personal religious convictions into the element of public science education. I present the following as my argument to why science should remain science in the classroom.



What a great article. Thanks Kvatch.
Ok the "read-more"link has a different comment, from Lew. Strange!

Great piece, and some good angles I had not considered. Some of their "arguments" (term used loosely) just don't hold up to much scrutiny beyond first grader's.
Lily, it's a Blogger thing. In order to get an article that doesn't show up in the index but that has the same formatting, I have to post it; copy it; then withdraw it. Lew happened to catch the article for the 60 seconds that it was actually in my index, but now it doesn't really exist as far as Blogger is concerned.

I wish I could use Bloggers post processing facility through a web-service or something so I wouldn't have to go through these hoops.

Oh well...

Mike, I rarely have the patience to so thoroughly cover a subject and commit my opinions to print. Makes your post that much more important. Thanks for sending the article on.
Thanks for giving me the ability to share it with a wider public.

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