Future Headlines - Republicans Repeal 22nd Amendment



Though I hate the expression I can't resist... Sweeeet!
Clinton would beat Bush's ass, and I'm not talking Hillary!
Aren't they embarrased enough by this man? Don't they expect more from a president than what they got? Holy Shit.
This was covered at Dark Wraith forums last week, as well, and DW's poll was posted at NightBird's Fountain. Interesting read. I found myself being in the unusual position of minority dissent, I oppose term limits, I think a blind toddler chihuaha should be permissable if the people demand it.
I'm in. Let's do this thing! Clinton in '08!!!
Okay I am confused- so here is my question- can't have two consect terms- but he could run in 2008- wow that would be something wouldn't it ?....

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