Zeta Comes To Crush Delusions About Global Warming

So for those of you who haven't been keeping tabs on the weather, Zeta, the 27th tropical storm of the 2005 hurricane season--or 1st storm of the 2006 season depending on how you look at it--is still churning in the Atlantic. In fact, Zeta may hit hurricane strength today.

Does this mean that the Atlantic hurricane season is now a year-round affair? Maybe. But no matter what, 2005 was a record-breaker with 27 named storms (the old record was 21) and 14 hurricanes of which 3 reached category 5, two more records for the books.

Say what you will about global warming. There's still one stark fact to consider. Hurricanes don't form and don't strengthen without the presence warm Atlantic water. Epsilon, the 26th storm, was only the 5th hurricane to form in December in history and Zeta may be only the 2nd January hurricane. Think about it.


Unreal...another storm...
( thanks for your comment about the miners...I am just stunned- the company didn't tell the families the Truth for over THREE and Half hours....unreal..another Heckuva Job Brownie moment...)
Am I the only one concerned about naming storms after letters in the Greek alphabet? I mean, I may have slept through my Sunday school classes, but wasn't there something in Revelations about the "Alphan and the Omega?"

(Excuse me, I haven't had my coffee yet, and caffeine deficiency has been known to make me paranoid. That, and getting hit by 3 hurricanes in 2004.)
Living down here on the Gulf Coast, I have been more than a little aware of the hurricanes and other strange weather as well.

The hurricane numbers are amazing, but probably should add the 100 yr new england flooding, the current Cal flooding, the fact that it won't have rained here in four weeks(incredibly unusual) as well as having snowed last year on Christmas eve, first time ever, only to have two weeks of 70-80 degree weather this year(also unusual.) Tornados in Kentucky.....

Most troubling is the now documented rapid breakdown of the Gulf Stream.

It may all be happening faster than predicted.

I can just picture Fred Phelps sermonizing that these storms are punishing the Atlantic Ocean for it's homosexual loving agenda.
I have been screaming about global warming for over 20 years..this doesn't surprize me one iota..
Mike, Rex, my heart goes out to ya. I lived very briefly in Boca when I was quite young, and the scariest thing I remember (practically the only thing I remember) was a hurricane that hit the coast in September of...probably 66.
Most troubling is the now documented rapid breakdown of the Gulf Stream...

Oh no...it's going to be the Day After Tomorrow, and me without my muff.
I wonder what Pat Robertson would have to tell us about all of this?

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