Why We Haven't Caught Bin Laden Yet

My grandfrog used to croak, "If you can't write something smart. Write something dumb...in verse."

Bin Laden's face appears.
George says we have to fear,
Throughout the land
A boogeyman,
Whose death Bush would not cheer.


Great one! Nothing dumb about it.

I found your weblog through Brother Kenya's fun site, "Brother Kenya's Paradigm". This is a good weblog! I like to blather. I'm not manic, but I am OCD and I tend to drink too much coffed and blabber a lot. If I come here and blather too much, you can tell me to go home and I'll understand.

I think your limerick illustrates something that's kind of like the abortion thing... I doubt the Republicans would want to make abortion illegal, because then they wouldn't have it anymore for use as a campaign issue. I think it's one of their biggest carrots. Howard Dean said that when they don't have anything relevant to say, they resort to the "three G's", which are God, Guns and Gays. Getting rid of abortion might cut into their ability to energize the "God" crowd... and then the gay-bashing would probably increase, but I like to believe that most Americans might be tired enough of gay-bashing that the bashers would suffer a backlash. So, I think the Repugnicans will probably talk about getting rid of abortion, but they won't really "walk the talk"... they'll just keep talking about it so they can keep the religious fundamentalist voting bloc on their side.

I think the same certainly could be said re. Osama. He's one of their biggest fear sticks with which to sway American voters. If he's caught, of course there would be other, possibly even more dangerous jerks to replace him... but Osama has become symbolic. The mention of him does instill fear in Americans, and knowing that he is still out there keeps many of us afraid.

Sadly, that seems to be what the Bush administration wants.
Drink too much "coffed"? Hmmm, that sounds pretty bad. Does Bloger have a speel-chekc featuer?
Please, "blather" on. What's this for anyway if not to, "...get it all out your system," so to speak.

Regarding spll-checkers: Yeah, me too. It's one of Boggers more glaring deficienceez.
Sorry. I don't have even something dumb to write in verse (your verse wasn't so dumb, btw).

My taste in verse tends to run along stuff that begins with There once was a girl from Nantucket...

Although I do remember every word of this Ogden Nash poem from college:

I'd conjure up a poem about bin Laden, but as a dedicated neocon, I really don't give him much thought these days.
There once was a man from Arabia
Who put the scare on America
Now not to be found
Even parts underground
For fear is Shrub's desired mania

How's that for a limrick?
P.S. Google tool bar has a spell checker feature btw, which I have found handy. All it requires is searching for it and then downloading it for the whatever browswer you are using.

Blog on all.
Don't think you got much future in the poetry game.
I liked it kvatch, and can relate to poor snave up there... I've been known to blather here and there. Probably too often HERE.
But you are good about humoring me.

Where's Alicia anyway??? Must go bug her at Hooterville I guess.
Your grandfrog would be so proud...and so would DrSeus...a lovely little ditty...
Lily, E4E: Thank you ladies! I can always count on you for encouragement, and Lily...like the photo. Red is definitly your color. BTW: This particular poem came from a comment I posted at If I Ran the Zoo. Check it out. Tom's limerick is the authentic thing and much better than mine.

Hey Neil...lighten up on Windspike. I didn't see you chiming in with any verse of your own. :-)
No worries - I can handle the heat. Bring it on.

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