White House speechwriters bend space/time?

An article in Monday's N.Y. Times indicates that White House speechwriters have learned the secret to bending the space/time continuum:
"It's never done until it's done," Mr. McGurn said wearily, with three days still to go before the address tomorrow.
Given how ludicrous Bush's State of the Union address usually sounds, Blognonymous humbly suggests that Mr. McGurn use his new found power to work on the speech for about another month.

But fear not dear readers. Blognonymous already has an advance copy of the speech, and you can read it here.


Does that mean they have a flux capacitor?
Maybe, but I hope that they're not rushing copies of the speech back and forth in time using a DeLorean.
From what I've been hearing, they're just going to recycle that one that he made a few years ago (2002 I think?) about alternate energy sources. I wonder if anybody'll notice.
I don't know if I will be able to bear listening to the guy spouting his line of b.s. I may not tune in... although I think it might be fun to keep track of how many times he uses the words war, terror, terrorism, Iraq, Iran, Saddam, Twin Towers, 9-11, weapons of mass destruction, Al-Qaeda, Middle East, Islam, etc. and take the total number of these "terror"-related terms as a percentage of the total words spoken. My guess is that one of those terms will be heard every 100 words or so.

The environment? I'd like to hear him talk about that instead of war, but I don't believe he thinks too much about the environment. After all, he could be raptured tomorrow, so why should he care?

Anyway Kvatch, your piece is excellent. Keep up the good work!
From what I've been hearing, they're just going to recycle that one that he made a few years ago (2002 I think?)

Marie, that's OK...the picture on the other post is from 2004. If Bush recycles a speech does that count as environmentally friendly?

Snave: Hey that's a good idea for a blog post, a Speech Quality Index, "a ratio of the total number of political buzz-words to the speech length". Have to think about that, and as alwasy thanks for stopping by and for the encouragement.

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