Suspicious Starbucks Suspect Surrenders

From the f-A-ke. P. -

The suspect in a recent bomb-scare at a San Francisco Starbucks was arrested by local police Wednesday. The would-be bomber, possibly an employee of rival purveyor Peet's Coffee and Tea, shouted "Viva la Barrista verdadero!" as he was taken into custody.


I hate Starbucks.

There, I said it.
But our would-be bomber knows the truth. Starbucks is evil because they have those stuped coffee dispensing machines. Peet's is good because they have "real" barristas.

Viva la Barrista verdadero!, indeed!
I don't mind starbucks, they brought a bit of culture to loads of places that have none. Also, they take pretty good care of their employees by giving them decent helth care options. Most coffee places do not do that. I rather hate big oil and walmart...

I prefer peets coffee too for the flavor and style...

l dnot be laughing but I am...

Is that wrong?
FYI, the thing turned out to be a flashlight with corroded batteries in it. At least no one got hur by the mad slinging of spent coffee grounds.

PS. Peets is way better. Peets is the coffee drinkers coffee shop. Starbucks is the business persons coffee shop.
Again - caught misusing official logos!
Yet another clueless rejectionist of the inevitable global market gone bad.

Oh when, oh when will Juan Valdez give up his terrorist ways and come to accept the New World Order?
SBUX has a great logo, I'll give them that. But it's not like you can say you had an artisan, handcrafted beverage made for you like you can at some other places.

Ahem...indeed! And just what place would we be talking about here? Spinelli's? ;-)

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