Stone Tablets? Bah! All You Need is John Yoo

John Yoo, the UC Berkeley law professor and former voice of the Lord Almighty for the Bush administration, usually gives dialectics a run for its money, but Jon Carroll of the San Francisco Chronicle does a side-splitting analysis of Yoo's convoluted logic here. My favorite quote is:
Who has oversight over the actions of the president?

The president oversees his own actions. If at any time he determines that he is a danger to America, he has the right to wiretap himself, name himself an enemy combatant and spirit himself away to a secret prison in Egypt.


Love that title.

Mike, hey thanks.

I think that crafting a good title is an art, and I'm not sure I'm very good at it, but it sure seems to make the difference. Especially when you're talking about how many click-throughs you'll get from a place like BBA or LeftyBlogs.
And let's hope the President does just that!
And let's hope the President does just that!

Only in my dreams.

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