The Simple Calculus of Oil

Lew Scannon at Lose the Noose got me thinking about Oil and how it figures into the war so-called war on terrorism. He said, "The War On Terrorism has never been about fighting terrorists." So being the stats junkie that I am, I pulled this from the DoE.

Proven oil reserves for the top 5 nations:

(1) Saudi Arabia, 262B barrels - Friendly (for the moment)
(2) Canada, 179B barrels - Friendly (and weak)
(3) Iran 125B barrels - Hostile (and on deck)
(4) Iraq 115B barrels - Hostile (and in the batter's box)
(5) Kuwait 102B barrels - Ambivalent (but weak and secured)



Interesting perspective, kvatch. And here's the other side of the equation:

Top consumers of oil (millions of barrels per day):

1. US 20.7

2. China 6.5

3. Japan 5.4

4. Germany 2.6

5. Russia 2.6

Our thirst for oil certainly gives us a self-serving incentive to invade one of the top oil producing countries, bust up the place, and establish a permanent military presence in the region that is guaranteed to inflame hatred of us and spread terrorism, all under the noble war cry of spreading freedom.
Well said, abi.

Greetings and thanks for this post, kvatch. At Lew's suggestion we mentioned you and Alicia in our blogtripping. He's a good guy.
One contribution to your numbers.

That is an extraordinarily high number for Canada. It takes into account the massive amout of oil tied up in the tar sands for which there is currently no energy efficient to remove that oil. In other words, it costs one, or more than one, calorie of energy to extract the tar sands oil at present.

So, for practical purposes, with today's technology, throw Canada way down the list to number eight or ten.
We have to start using more oil, and fast! Otherwise China might get it! So everybody: Buy Hummers and Drive Fast and Long! Never walk when you can drive! Destroy all bicycles!! We must win THE WAR OF CONSUMPTION!

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