Liberty, Security, and Terrorism

John Quarterman's Perilocity has an interesting link to a Scientific American article that discusses the connection between civil liberties and terrorism:
One method to attenuate [suicide bombers], then, is to target dangerous groups that influence individuals, such as Al ­Qaeda. Another method, says Princeton University economist Alan B. Krueger, is to increase the civil liberties of the countries that breed terrorist groups. In an analysis of State Department data on terrorism, Krueger discovered that "countries like Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, which have spawned relatively many terrorists, are economically well off yet lacking in civil liberties. Poor countries with a tradition of protecting civil liberties are unlikely to spawn suicide terrorists. Evidently, the freedom to assemble and protest peacefully without interference from the government goes a long way to providing an alternative to terrorism."
Though this analysis was focused on the countries that spawn terrorists, it is a cautionary tale for Bu$hCo, an administration that busies itself with promoting liberty abroad while eliminating liberty at home.


The problem is Bush never listens to the experts - just the neo-cons he surrounds himself with.

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