Just Wait. This Is Temporary.

For years now I have heard the word "Wait!" It rings in the ear of every Negro with a piercing familiarity. This "wait" has almost always meant "never." We must come to see with the distinguished jurist of yesterday that "justice too long delayed is justice denied."

Martin Luther King - Letter from the Birmingham Jail, 16 April 1963

Democrats could take a lesson from Dr. King when it comes to the administration's unchecked acquisition of power. "Just wait. This is temporary." Is exactly the line that the American people are being fed.

[Updated 2006/01/16 16:32 PST]

Al Gore, one politician who apparently "gets it", gave an impassioned speech today at the DAR Constituion Hall, characterizing Bu$hCo's incessant law-breaking for what it is, "...a threat to the very structure of our government". To which Republicans, led by Tracey Schmitt press secretary of the RNC, responded with complete nonsense:
Al Gore's incessant need to insert himself in the headline of the day is almost as glaring as his lack of understanding of the threats facing America
...forgetting, of course, that Gore has barely been in the public eye since a the Supreme Court stole the election from him in 2000.

I think that Gore understands the threats facing America just fine, but here's a refresher for Ms. Schmitt.


yeah, temporary...how many lives per gallon, as the saying goes...
And what did our fair president do to mark the occasion? Visit the archive. Whoopty fuckin' doo.
Wait a sec...who's saying "all this" is temporary? Did the President not tell us that the War on Terror is a war without end?
It is for that reason precisely that I will continue to vote for Democrats like a lost sheep, but won't refer to myself as one, choosing instead to call myself the more pure "liberal."

Democrats (at least the ones in power right now i.e. Hillary Clinton) are nothing more than Republican light, and I am Republican nothing so I don't feel like they represent me.
WAIT...means not in Your Lifetime...or don't hold yur breath...

We need to see some Anger...some Disgust..some Rage..
and what did King George do today? went and looked at the Emancipation Proclamation ( note the Media did not say he READ it)...

I really wonder what MLK would say about all this?...
and thank heavens that Al Gore in his speech today right off talked about the Illegal Spying on MLK- it was a breath of fresh air...

thanks for the great MLK quote and picture...
thank heavens that Al Gore in his speech today right off talked about the Illegal Spying on MLK- it was a breath of fresh air...

Thanks for the reminder, Enigma. I did a little addendum to make sure that Gore's efforts are highlighted.
I'm wondering what you thought of Gore..
Incessant need to insert himself into the headline of the day? What kind of bullshit is that? You're right. I ain't seem him. I thought he'd died.
Neil Honey- you NEED to go see the Speech it was friggin' amazing- and this being said by a very disillusioned woman that doesn't think much of Talk...period...He is the first one that said what NEEDED to be said with some real cajones...am I right other watchers?
I'm wondering what you thought of Gore...

Lily, I didn't see the speech, but I did read the transcript. For Gore, not known as the world's most riviting speaker, it was pretty good. I'm just sorry that it was Gore who ended up saying what needed to be said.
The ACLU followed up Al's great speech by filing a lawsuit in Fed court today..to stop the eavesdropping on American Citizens..Praise Jesus and pass the handcuffs please! Now, if only the Dems would rent a set of nuts and start Impeachment proceedings.

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