Homage to Pat and the Missing Rapture

Poor Pat. 5 years into the new millenium and still no sign of the coming Rapture:

Pat Talks To GodThe countdown clock is on the run
Limitation statute's almost done

With no sign, of Christ divine
We shout, cajole, and opine
On all events that might define
Commencement of the end of times

But Sharon's not dead, and Christ's not here
Do we have to wait a thousand years?


Not to worry about Pat. I'm sure he enjoys a Rapture everytime he opens an envelope with a check from one of his flock.
What's up with the pic - does Shrub have his hand up Pats anus?
windspike- you got that right!

What a hypocritical ass Robertson is. And what a bunch of mindless sheep his followers are. But never forget- Bush and Robertson are TIGHT! The media just don't like to report on that lest it make Bush look like the fundamentalist nutcase he is.
What's up with the pic - does Shrub have his hand up Pats anus?

Well that too, is a kind of rapture--rupture--something.

"Bush and Robertson are tight"


... Hey! I haven't made it over here for a while. What'd you name the cat? =|
Look, Pat's crazy.

I was gonna write something further, but that's the bottom line.

Yeah, what is the Statute of Limitations on that Second Coming thing?
Well...the last time we had all of this millenial, second coming hoopla seems it took about 10 years for all of the cranks to commit suicide or be driven from the villages with pitchforks.

Where's a good mob when you need one?
And we're supposed to be the crazy ones?
Excellent verse, Kvatch. Skillz.
hey, they learned.
used to be these folks set dates. then the date came and went and -- oops -- no 2nd coming.

so, they've wised up.
these days, they all just say, 'soon'.
that way, no one can prove em wrong -- and they can keep on preachin it, keep on terrifying people and keep on telling em -- 'go ahead, send ME your money-- you won't need it in the very near future, anyway.'

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