Haiku for Jack And Everyone He'll Finger

Are you going to wax poetic with another haiku or more verse for us with this scandel? Those were quite good.

Mike (Can of Worms)

In a sporty hat,
A canary sings aloud.
Distant moans ensue.

Never let it be said that Kvatch isn't sensitive to his adoring public. :-) Now, how about the rest of you budding poets?


ah, Haiku for the Thug....
and that he sing loud and long for all SIXTY...let it rain...
Hmmmm.... I wonder if somehow he'll be 'disappeared'. With cement shoes at the bottom of the Hudson...

He straight up looks like a G-Man in that picture.
Ah, the haiku
Or, whatever form you use
poetry can sling stink
by using words true

Indeed the truth hurts
Provided manufactured fiction
Doesn't cut through
Even if propogated
By those in powerful pews
good riddance be gone
fedora republicon
We'll miss Delay's bitch...
Oh Lily, I love the smell of snarky verse in the morning, smells like...victory.
Bus put the fix in.
Alice Fisher: Punchbowl Turd;
Abramoff's wrist slapped.
I flirt with Dems,
But sleep with Repugs.
Love never strays.
My (blush) contribution to your poetry section.

Never fear, Decider, dear,
Historians will know your name.
In every case, you'll see your face
Upon the hall of shame!

Your legacy will ever be
Writ large on every grave,
Of those who died because you lied
For power that you craved.

As ages go your name will grow
Synonymous with greed.
But all the gold that you may hold
Can't buy what you most need.

So carry on, you Devil's spawn,
March on to meet your fate.
The lies you've told, your lust for gold,
Have earned our bitter hate.

And when at last, your life has passed
Whenever that may be,
Within the tomb, there will be room
For you and your legacy!
Pray tell...how did I become "Anonymous?" I've been here before, and plan to come back. (Stoopid, stoopid beta)!

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