Gimme a "G"..."O"..."P"! What does it spell?

Graft on ParadeGraft On Parade 

Now it's your turn...

Thanks to Neil Shakespeare's Culture of Corruption for the inspiration.


Always glad to throw mockery into the pool.
What about Greedy Obfuscating Politocrats?
Gerrymanderers On Parade
Guiltless Omniscient People?
That is almost worth of a Haiku. I will have to work on it.

Neil is spawning ideas all over the place.
Damn, I'm going into snark vapor-lock here...

Gouging Oil Prices?

Gladly Obtaining Pay-offs?

Gives Only Propaganda?

Going Off-to Prison?

Glamourizes Overt Patriotism?

Gang-rapes Our Protections?

I'd better stop now.
The Grand Old Party
Once committed to status quo
Now just wants your dough
Oh sure, Rex shows off....damned danger seekers. Have to be COMPETITIVE.
Greed Over Politics
Gang O' Polecats.
Going Off to Prison.

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