Free Speech At the Pleasure of the Police

Right now in Babylon by the Bay (6:15p) a protest is taking place at Union Square. About 800 to 1000 demonstrators are listening to speeches in support of Bush's impeachment. And around the square, on every approaching street...COPS--cops by the hundreds. I estimate about 400, more than a quarter of which are in riot gear and looking itchy. Police cars line the streets for two blocks in every direction, snarling the evening traffic.

Seems that free speech here is now only at the pleasure of the police.


Figures. They did that same kind of idiocy decades ago. Limited mentality when it comes to response. "People have gathered and are expressing themselves. Must show them that we have guns."

"People are walking down the street, arm in arm, singing. Must show them that we have guns."
Actually, it spookily reminded me of the protests on the day after the Iraq war started, save for the fact that on that day we were ahead of the cops most of the time (rather than being surrounded by them) and that stragglers were getting the sh*t kicked out of them. No violence yesterday, at least as far as I can glean from news reports.
Hey, I was in the middle of that! And it seemed to me that there were at least as many -- if not more -- cops than there were protesters. Had we gotten out of hand, we might all have had our own personal arresting officer. I especially liked seeing the ones on Macy's and Saks' and Tiffany's roofs.
We didn't see any on the roofs, but there certainly were a lot clustered around the entrances of every major store.

Guess we know what's worth protecting in Sodom by the Sea.
They had better do their protesting while it is still legal.

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