Fostering Democracy...and Poverty In Iraq

Apparently democracy is not the only value that America exports these days. As in the United States, poverty is increasing in Iraq. A new study by the Australian Labour Ministry in cooperation with the IMF and the UN Development Program, indicates that 1 in 5 Iraqis now live below the poverty line as defined by international criteria (one dollar per person, per day), an increase from the pre-invasion days.

So now Iraqi oil production, which is still not up to its pre-war levels, is not only failing to help to finance the reconstruction but it is also failing to prevent the impoverishment of the population.


Sure, maybe the standard of living has gone down a tad, but c'mon. You can't put a price on freedom! They may be hungry, but at least now they're free to be hungry!
I think this whole scheme has just gone terribly wrong, worse than we even expected. At least when we watched their infrastructure get destroyed we found solace in the notion that perhaps the oil revenues would help the reconstruction.
Look what we've done- how noble we are.
What we have done to the Iraqi people in the last 15 years, through war and sanctions, is a crime, plain and simple.
Sure, maybe the standard of living has gone down a tad, but c'mon. You can't put a price on freedom!

Or purple fingers either. I mean after all, purple *IS* the color of royalty.
We don't give a shit about Iraq's poor! Hell, we don't even give a shit about our own poor! We're just there to give them Democracy so we can exploit them.
Ignorance and poverty go hand in hand. It keeps those in power, in power. Which is essentially the GOP modus operandi boxed up and shipped abroad. Smells like spreading freedom, don't it?
Well, the GOP has shipped one of its media strategies to Iraq, that is, paying pundits or newsfolk to say great things about No Rich Child Left Behind, etc. here at home, and now for the Iraqi press to say great things about our war effort there. Ick. Freedom of the press is usually reserved for those who own the press, and it's looking more and more to me as if the Bush administration is keeping the U.S. media on a leash.

So, shipping poverty over there is another good strategy for them. Iraqi oil money isn't financing any reconstruction there so far, and didn't the administration recently say that completion of the reconstruction wasn't really expected to happen? The GOP is probably in a panic at this point... how to bring troops home before the November elections so they can say "we're bringing the troops home!"... how to keep our military from being stretched too much so it can be used in an invasion of Iran if necessary... my gawd, empire-building is a lot of "hard work", as the POTUS might put it.
Bush&Co. destroyed the middle class in Iraq, and just about instantaneously created a poor underclass and some rich people. Just the template they want for the US. Easier to whack it out on those brown people, since Bush&Co. can't outright bomb all of us out of existence...at least not yet...

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